Fender has made a number of bold design choices lately, from re-releasing classics like the Bass VI to building new pedals and guitar tools for beginners and pros alike. Most interestingly, however, they’ve begun creating guitars that are completely disconnected from the staid, square cornered axes of old. Their Acoustasonic Jazzmaster, for example, was the first in this line of sleek, streamlined, and even alien-looking guitars, guitars that came out of modern CNC tech that could coax a lovely beveled edge and superior sound out of acoustics and electrics alike.

The new Fender Highway Series Dreadnought is the next step in that evolution. The Dreadnought is a $999 acoustic that plays like an electric. It’s super thin – a mere 2.25″ depth – and, at 5 lbs, super light. The model I tested was built of mahogany although they offer a lighter Sitka Spruce model.

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ByJohn Biggs

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