In the weird world of collectible watches, Kross makes some doozies. Take, for example, their Boba Fett tourbillon, a greebled watch with a tiny Slave 1 ship that rotates around a face that looks like it came out of Jabba’s underskin.

To be clear, this watch is about as cool as you can get. It’s completely hand made, the color scheme is nearly perfect, and the odd little hands – basically Boba’s backpack and missile – are a riot.

From the release:

Each EFX Boba Fett’s starship watch display is the same scale as the actual filming model as seen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™. They are made with an aluminum and acrylic substructure with the detail parts cast in resin. Each detail piece is individually cast from a master made from the same model kit parts used to make the screen used prop and then carefully finished and painted by hand. The parts of the EFX Boba Fett’s starship-inspired watch display were developed with a thorough review of the screen used prop.

The starship-inspired watch display comes affixed on a platform resembling a ship landing pad and made of wood in Kross Studio ateliers.

How much will you pay for the privilege of wearing the galaxy’s best bounty hunter on your wrist? The entire package costs $120,000 and is available online now for those of you who brought in enough bounties to pay for repairs to your ship and now have some credits left over. Nanoo nanoo!

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Last Update: May 4, 2022