Saw this in real life and it really looks nice. Longines is really turning into a major watch player.

These should be in the $3000+ range.

PROFESSIONAL WATCHES™: Longines Clous De Paris

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

9 thoughts on “Longines Clous De Paris”
  1. According to Longines catalog, the chrono ref.#L2.704.4.16.3 retails for $2550 and the power reserve ref.#L2.703.4.16.3 retails for $2250. There is also a mid-size and ladies size, 38mm and 33mm if memory serves me correctly.

  2. It’s a great watch. I picked it out and my dad bought it for me as a gift. It’s a pretty large in size. But I really like the bulkiness of it so to say, the blue hands, the skeleton back and the very nice alligator band. Highly recomend it

  3. Dear Sir,
    The Longines Clous De Paris reminds me of the ‘Breguet” and ‘Chronswiss’ watch. I’ve view and ‘touched’ it. It is one of Longines masterpiece in creation. It’s a choice between the chrono and the chron-moonphase.It’s worth collecting as a family heirloom. A beautiful watch.
    Tan How Kok, QP

  4. 4/29/09 – Scott – I picked this watch up a few months ago. The watch is absolutely beautiful. In my opinion the watch is perfectly sized and the displays magnificently They are hard to find without a special order but once on your wrist the blue alligator feels great. The clasp is sturdy and looks very classy when closed. If you like blue on white then you’ll love this watch. I have received more compliments on this watch than any other in my collection. Overall, this watch is very comfy, beautiful and perfectly sized.

  5. I got this watch yesterday and can wait to wear it tomorrow. I was lucky to stumble on it, while I was going to return a Tag Heuer Aquaracer I bought and didn’t like. It reminds me of a Quinting my father has and it looks very sophisticated. This is definitely a great watch.

  6. I bought them for my husband as a birthday present, I can’t wait till 20th of July, hope…he like them…

  7. It’s an elegant watch for professionals, bought at Japan and I love it very much! Although the polished rim is easy to be scratched, it could unbelievable recover automatically in few days:)

    Anyway, dont be rush to jump into your car, I hit the watch onto car body quite a few times:( An elegant watch needs elegant behavior:)P

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