The time has come to shuffle off this coil and follow the Pale Rider skyward. Mr. Jones Watches has never hesitated to deliver us Momento Mori, the reminder that we will die. John Biggs, our leader of fearful symmetry, never fails to remind me that watches are fashion items. With this in mind, Mr. Jones has the Last Laugh again– this time, sized for ladies.

We’ve covered many Mr. Jones Watches here, as recently as the Color Venn model a week ago. This model recalls earlier Mr. Jones models that have stuck in my mind, haunting me as the months turn to years. I can’t shake them, and I can’t forget. The first Mr. Jones watch I ever saw was The Accurate, whose hands read “remember” and “you will die”.  It was powered by a Ronda quartz model.mr_jones_the_accurate

Then, the Last Laugh debuted, after some time, and it was powered by an automatic mechanical movement, an ST1721 20 jewel affair. It has a jump hour movement, so the hour changes in one moment, rather than progressively moving around the dial. The hours and minutes are written on the teeth of a skull, and shift at once. This was the man’s version, and it held nothing back, measuring in at 37mm, a sort of dressy, vintage large size. Notably, both ladies models here today are also powered by that automatic mechanical 20 jewel movement. mr_jones_last_laugh

What makes today’s news most interesting is that we now have the Last Laugh available in a more modest 31mm, suitable for the thinner, more ladylike wrist. Not that a woman couldn’t choose to wear the 37mm – she can do whatever she wants, when she has the Last Laugh. Also available is the Last Laugh Tattoo edition, which is uses the skull symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead, a holiday when the gates of Heaven are opened, and the spirits of the deceased reunite with their family members for 24 hours. The family members prepare festivities for them, and this is where the mask comes in. The point is to remember, and honor ones family members.


This version of The Last Laugh features specially commissioned artwork by British Tattoo Artist Adrian Willard. The watch is a link to the tradition of the memento mori – an object designed to remind us that life is brief and we should seize the moment while we’re here. And that’s exactly what we’ll do. (That, and be grateful there are no Counting Crows lyrics being bent to support a joke.) You too can have the Last Laugh for £160 (approximately US$220 / €180), available directly from Mr Jones Watches.

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Last Update: October 28, 2016