It’s been some time since we’ve had a tritium-illuminated watch on these pages, so I thought it was time to bring one up.  While many of the ones I’ve shown you over the past months have been the product of American companies, today’s example is actually coming from the UK.

The first thing you notice is that this looks more like a “regular” watch than many of the others we’ve shown.  More often than not, watches with tritium take on more of a “tactical” style, due to the segments they’re aimed at.  Not that this is a bad thing – it’s just a form following intended function sort of a thing.

Here, I think Nite really nailed a solid casual watch look (though, it would work well in the office I’d think too).  The ICON IC4 looks clean with the white and black dial, and the riveted leather strap adds a little dash of style  (should you prefer something with a black dial, you can check out the rest of the Icon lineup here).

Lest you think this is some dainty piece, however, rest assured – the stainless steel case measures in at 44mm wide (but only 12.1mm thick, which is nice).  The K1 mineral crystal (AR-coated) should hold up to daily wear nicely, and the 100m water resistance rating should help you keep that Ronda 513 Quartz movement safe and sound.

Now, if all we had was the style you see in the pictures, and the simple three-hander movement, the watch itself might not make many folks take note (especially not at the $290 asking price).  However, it’s when you throw in those

All in all, I really like the style of the piece.  Are three cheaper tritium watches, and cheaper quartz three-handers with this sort of styling?  Absolutely.  The combination of those two, however, is a much harder commodity to come by.  It’d definitely worth a look if you want a more-subtly styled piece.

And, hey, if you order a watch from ’em, would you mind picking me up a couple of their GlowRings?  Yeah, it’s not a watch, but – glowy!

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