I know that we’ve had a lot of crowd-funding watches up as of late, but there’s also been a slew of rather interesting ones. Today, we’ve got a watch that we’ve actually got a loaner in for review as well, but we wanted to get a quick article up about the campaign launch so you could check it out while we prepare our review. Now, on to the Agelocer Moonphase!

As I’ve said before, I look for something unique or interesting with Kickstarter watches, and there are two things with the Agelocer Moonphase that grabbed my eye. First and foremost is the dial material. Here, it’s the glass known as aventurine, or sometimes sandstone. Presented as it is here in dark blue you get a very sparkly look to things, giving us the idea of stars sparkling in the sky. The gif above captures it well, and from our loaner, I can confirm it’s that lovely in real life.

The other thing the Agelocer Moonphase has going for it is, well, it’s implementation of the moonphase. Many times, this takes the form of a rather small subdial or window on the dial, In contrast, the 3D moon takes pride of place on the dial, scribing across the dial boldly as the days progress. Of course, this sort of graphical representation is an approximation (unless you’re really precise in setting it) but for me, it gives a really nice effect, and gives me a sense of what sort of moon I can expect to see in the sky.

Powering the Agelocer Moonphase is a movement the brand identifies as one that they developed themselves. And we’re not going to say that it’s not true, but we were able to locate what the base movement is. In short, it started life as the Hangzhou 7200 (hover over the 7200 in that link and you’ll see the same balance bridge). I’m not calling that out as being a problem at all. Just figured if you’re looking into the details of the watch, why not have all the information you can? As presented in this watch, things look to be much more nicely finished. It will also get you 80 hours of power reserve, and should be adjusted to be +/- 6 sec/day when it’s on your wrist.

For this launch, the Agelocer Moonphase is available in a few options. You’ve got a gold-tone or stainless steel finish, and you can opt for a polished bezel, or one that’s set with crystals. Super earlybird pricing starts at $599 (or $799 for the crystal set version). There are also some add-ons out there, including steel bracelets with endlinks (at just $30, that’s an insta-buy for me), and then some quartz versions of the watch for $269). The campaign for this watch just recently launched, and easily met it’s funding goal.

The campaign for the Agelocer Moonphase runs through April 29th, with delivery anticipated for May, right after things close out. We’re working on our review (and photos) now, and intend to have that up before the campaign closes, so you can make an informed decision. If you’ve got any specific questions on the watch you want us to explore in the review, feel free to drop us a line. Past that, feel free to pop over to the campaign to check out all the details. campaign page

Tech Specs from Agelocer