In our article yesterday, we featured a watch that, while vintage-inspired, did not look out of place in a modern context. On the other hand, if you really like the look of designs from days gone by, but don’t want to have to worry about babying a vintage watch, brands can certainly cover you there. One of the more recent releases to do that is the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical Chronograph.

Now, to look at the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical Chronograph, you know right away that this is meant to look like something older. This comes partly from the dial layout and the polished cylindrical pushers, as well as the overall color scheme used on the dial. As far as a specific reference is concerned, Hamilton points to the chronographs that were issued to the British Royal Air Force in the 1970s.

Of course, in the intervening 50 years, materials and movements have come a long way. Here, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical Chronograph relies on the hand-wound (so, fitting for the era it’s coming from) H-51-Si movement. The Si is for the silicon balance spring (hooray for modern materials) that helps reduce the effects of magnetism on the watch. All told, the movement gives you a 60-hour power reserve, and should be a bit slimmer on the wrist without having to worry about the automatic rotor.

At 40mm, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical Chronograph should feel compact by today’s tastes, but would have been oversized for the era they’re pointed at. Still, it works, as it emphasizes that these were tools that the pilots relied on, and needed to be able to easily ready (hence a bigger case which allowed a larger dial).

As should surprise no one, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pioneer Mechanical Chronograph comes on a leather strap that looks like it was cut from a sturdy pilot jacket. So, through and through, it’s a modern watch (with the ease of ownership that entails) that looks like something a good deal older. Pricing is modern though, so be ready to bring $2,045 to pick one up for your flights this year.

Tech Specs from Hamilton

  • Reference : H76409530
  • Caliber : H-51-Si
  • Collection : Khaki Aviation
  • Movement : Mechanical
  • Case size : 40mm
  • Dial color : Black
  • Case material : Stainless steel
  • Crystal : Sapphire
  • Lug width : 22mm
  • Lining Tanning : Mineral
  • Power reserve : 60-hour power reserve
  • Water Resistance : 10 bar (100m)/145 psi (328ft)
  • Anti Reflection : Yes
  • Silicon Balance Spring : Yes
  • Strap
    • Strap reference : H6000001151
    • Strap type : Cow leather
    • Buckle type : H-Buckle
    • Buckle width : 22mm
    • Top Denotation : Leather
    • Top Species : Calf
    • Top Tanning : Vegetal
    • Lining Species : Cow
  • Movement
    • The H-51-Si is a mechanical chronograph movement featuring a state-of-the-art balance spring made from the anti-magnetic material silicon for enhanced resistance to extreme atmospheric conditions. With an extended 60-hour power reserve, this hand-wound caliber keeps and measures time via an iconic dial complete with start/stop and reset pushers. With no rotor and no date function, this interactive movement brings modern reliability and precision to signature, vintage-inspired design.

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