Along with calling Detroit home, Shinola has also been developing models that tie into the region. Boating is a big part of Michigan (aside from the Great Lakes, there are all manner of small lakes throughout), and their latest watch, the Shinola Mackinac, leans heavily into that summertime sport.

You might think that the Shinola Mackinac is named for Mackinac Island, and that’s just partly correct. Really, where it’s drawing it’s name from is the Port Huron to Mackinac race, run by the Bayview Yacht Club of – where else – Detroit. More than just a name association, this watch actually has a complication that would be useful to the race.

You may have noticed the pushers flanking the crown, as well as the subdial at the three o’clock position. That means it is a chronograph, but one of a very specific type. This one is a yacht or regatta timer. Since sail boats rely on the wind to get going, they can’t just line up and wait for the race to start. They’re out there, sort of in position, but not actually crossing the start line. With the regatta timer, it’s counting down from 5 minutes, at which time you can cross the start line (but never before, or you’re disqualified).

In other words, this is very much a chronograph (powered by a Sellita SW511) for someone who, you know, actually sails. Otherwise, I guess it’s just a 5-minute at a time sort of a timer, which has limited use outside of the race. Past that, this is a very visually impactful watch, with the square case and bright hits of yellow, white, and blue. If that sounds like you something you need for your summer kit, it’ll run you $3,500 direct from

Tech Specs from Shinola

  • Case size: 40mm
  • Case material: stainless steel
  • Case finish: brushed with polished sides
  • Movement: Sellita SW511.bhc Elaboré grade
  • Strap: yellow rubber

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Last Update: July 20, 2022

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