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Today, we”ll wrap up our mini-tour of some of Ingersoll”s latest models, with my personal favorite of the batch – the Gatsby.

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This one is by far the dressiest piece of the three, and while it also suffers from chrono-envy (complete with tachymeter scale), I”m willing to overlook that, as the design puts those concerns to the background.  It”s also the smallest of the three we reviewed, coming in at a modest (for the Ingersoll line) 46mm case diameter.

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That said, this is still a larger piece, especially for one destined to be a dress watch (at least, that”s how I treated it).  This is due to the use of a polished case, some small white accents, and the black and grey dial treatment – almost like a tuxedo in presentation.

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Faux-chrono functions aside, there are some nice adds that the automatic movement brings to the watch.  First off, you”ve got the 24-hour subdial (handy for setting watches if they set for awhile).  More importantly (as a distinctive mark for the model) is the large date display up at 12 o”clock.  Should you need to adjust this, there”s a recessed button at the 8 o”clock position to use.

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One other break with dress watch tradition is the inclusion of wider, lume-filled hands (and lume on the dial).  No, this lume won”t put the good ol” Orange Monster to shame, but it is decent – especially for a more formal-looking watch.

Ingersoll Gatsby (3)

Of all the Ingersoll watches I”ve reviewed, this has to be one of my favorites.  Sure, there are some improvements that could be had, but of the brands offerings, this is one of the more refined models you”ll find.  If you”d like to get one for yourself, you can pick one up over at Amazon (I could only find the white-dialed model) for $456 ().

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Last Update: October 8, 2013