Yesterday, we started our tour of the Ocean7 LM-2AD, covering at a high level some of the functionality that the watch has on tap.  We left off of on the question of why, when you activate the backlight, the analog hands swing around to read 10:10.

 The answer, quite simply, is that it actually makes the LCD perfectly readable – the hands are out of the way, allowing you to see all the relevant information.

This is handy, considering that if you’re activating the backlight, it’s probably dark out and the lumed hands may have faded, so you really are more reliant on a clean read of the digital display.  All of this is driven by the ISA 9011 quartz movement, powered by a battery that has a 47 month battery life.  And when the battery gets low?  The watch will tell you it’s time for a swap.

The other unique twist on this piece is a little less noticeable – 44mm case (15mm thick) is actually made from titanium (in a brushed or DLC finish), which means you’ve got a very light watch on your wrist.  Sitting on top of the case you’ve got a double-domed sapphire crystal that has AR coating on the underside.  Along with the included rubber sport strap, you can definitely go for a swim with the watch, as it’s got a water resistance rating of 100 meters.

With this watch, you’ve got a great mix of features, and I think that it would be just about the perfect travel companion, with the dual time zones and alarm functionality.  Add in light weight and a nice water resistance rating, this should serve you well whether you’re hiking through Europe, sitting on an island beach, or just headed out to the lake for the week.

In short, yes, I’d definitely recommend you consider this model if you’re looking for a reliable quartz for your travels.  And, at $549, it’s also one of Ocean7’s most affordable models.

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Last Update: August 10, 2012