Excellent video review of the Oceanus 5 Motor by Christian at WatchReport… hmmm… maybe the Scorpion will get similar treatment.

Review of the Oceanus 5 Motor (OCW600TDA-1AV) [WatchReport]

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

9 thoughts on “Review of the Oceanus 5 Motor”
  1. thanks for the review…I have just ordered a G-Shock GIEZ out of Japan, which is a re-packaged Oceanus 5 motor and I know the instructions will not be in english…your video will be extremely helpfull.

  2. its too bad the watch does not have a bracelet. or maybe the reviewer didnt show us that trivial feature.

  3. I just bought this watch a week ago and I am very thrilled. I came across a shop in the mall that was selling them off at a 40% discount. After reading several reviews of the watch, I was thoroughly prepared for the atomic setting to be inconvenient. As I understand it, I would have to put it in a window facing Colorado and several reviewers said that it did not always update. When I got it home, I put it in the window and asked it to set itself and it was unsuccessful. I later placed it in a different window and ahah – success. Further experiments showed that while placing it on a shelf in my kitchen (away from the window) it still said that it set itself. I later manually advanced the time 15 minutes to prove this and this morning, it was set again! I am elated. I live in Houston TX, which is outside the 600 mile radius.

    I have noted also that my minute hand and second hands are slightly off center of the markings. I wonder if Casio will take it back and fix?

  4. I bought one recently and have sent it back 3 times for the second hand being off issue. They seem perfectly willing to try to fix it, but haven’t been successful. Last time one of the customer service reps mentioned something called “paradox” that wouldn’t allow them to fix it. Anyone know what that is?

  5. Paradox is a nice way of saying “We don’t know what’s wrong with the wrong because it works fine”.

  6. This is a low quality Casio watch. It is sold several times it’s value. The service is a mass. The bracket of my watch broke within a month. Their warranty do not cover it, part is not even availible to buy. Don’t waste your time on Oceanus soon or later you will learn that you are buying a shiny Casio and they will treat you like an idiot.

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