RGM is one of the only active watchmakers in America. Nestled in an old bank building in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, Roland and his team have been building beautiful watches, one at a time, for years.

Now they’ve announced the Model 500-GMT-RS, a bidirectional GMT with special styling based on the bicycle frame builder Richard Sachs’ unique creations.

From the release:

The Model 500-GMT-RS is the first RGM with a bi-directional-turning GMT bezel. The watch is designed as a sport watch that is also ideal for travel when using the 24-hour GMT hand and bezel. To help ensure the durability, the watch has two case-back gaskets, a 2mm thick sapphire crystal, and a high-quality screw-down crown.

Bicycle frame builder Richard Sachs and Roland Murphy have a passion for handcrafting and making very special products for their clients, often creating bespoke pieces of art. They can be described as traditionalists who believe in providing customer service and building the right product for each individual.

The watch isn’t much more than a standard GMT – you pull the crown out to the second position to snap the hour hand forward and back – but Roland and team have added a bidirectional bezel to make it easier to set a third timezone. The piece runs a RGM-ETA 2893-2 GMT automatic movement in a 41mm. It’s beautifully finished by the team in Pennsylvania and is one of RGM’s bolder pieces.

It’s limited to 50 pieces and costs $4,750 – not too shabby for an American-made watch.

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Last Update: December 10, 2019

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