I’m slowly starting to dig Rolex more and more. Sure, it’s “common,” but they’re well made and have history. I’d put them on par with Omega for class and provenance.

The Milgauss comes in the new, slightly larger case size of 40mm, with the 3131 movement. There are white and black dial versions available, both with a nifty and surprisingly modern lightning shaped second hand and ‘ROLEXROLEXROLEX’ around the face on the chapter ring. (As Christian noted, for better or worse, the new models are more heavily branded than their predecessors.) One difference between the two versions is that the black dial has a sapphire crystal that is slightly green at an angle, as you can see from the image gallery on their site. List price on both is rumored to be $5,900.

The New Rolex Milgauss [WatchReport]

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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  1. I dont think Omega are any good sorry.
    The Milgauss is designed for engineers that work in extreme conditions, especially in high magnetic locations.
    This watch is tough, has excellent retro styling, the bracelet is well designed, most probably for the younger man. I love it.

  2. This is a beautiful timepiece! The only thing I find a little strange is the “lightning bolt” second hand- I could do without it, but even so, I love the styling, and the durability engineered into it. anyone know how much???

  3. I love this watch. It will be an instant classic in the sort of re-issue/retro sense. I have an Omega Railmaster re-issue that is truly beautiful, but is no longer an anti-magnetic (it has a glass caseback)watch.
    At 6gs though, the new Milgauss will have to wait. My formerly anti-magnetic Omega will have to hold me over until some used versions of the new Milgauss hit the market.

  4. I am looking forward to receiving my black dial Milgauss, i currently have a white dial Daytona in steel which i will probably sell shortly to allow a family holiday and the outlay for the Milgauss.

    I agree, it certainly is a mix between a retro classic and new styling to appeal to the younger professionals out there. I am only a young guy but have owned Rolex watches since I was 18 years old, got the bug from my father…

  5. I want to ask the gentleman by the name of Musky72 what he did to be able to receive his black dial Milgauss. I would like to be able to do the same.

    I heard that some watches will be shipped to various shops and there is a waiting list for them. Any input?

  6. ‘Rolex on a par with Omega…….’ Hmmmmm I think Rolex have the upper hand without any doubt.

  7. I have two speedmasters. Sorry also but my two Rolexes are far superior. I have one for 24 years and the other for 13 years. Accuracy, feel, intangibles, the Rolex is hands down winner.

  8. to mention a rolex and that lesser brand you mentioned in the same senence is real bad i have ordered this new milgauss at basel fair i have the two previous milgauss the red hand is traditional for this watch and dates back to early models of the 1950s

  9. The Rolex Milgauss is a Gem! But damn… who is going to wear a Rolex in a high magnetic field area, if you are an electrican working on high-power lines, or someone who works with eqipment that generates high magnetic fields, wouldn’t a Casio G-Shock be more applicable? I Would not buy any watch of this price, and wear it in conditions that dictated a need for magnetic resistance unless I won the lottery. I have an Omega Aqua Terra Co-Axial, and Speedmaster, but wear a Casio G-Shock at work. I previously owned a Rolex Datejust, and wore it while working, but only because I was behind a desk!

  10. The Rolex Milgauss is an amazin watch and i wud proudly wear it every moment of da day and yes different shops r gettin different versions, and guys its going to double in value 6k is a sure investment.

  11. The lighting bolt is retro from the original Milgaus (note the single S in the name) from the 1950’s.

    I own a 1019 Milgaus from the 80’s and a Omega Planet Ocean. The only difference in the quality of the two is the fit and finish. The Omega feels a little more heavy and the braclet a little better quality. This might be due to the age of the two watches, the Rolex is 20 years old and the Omega is a year old. Both keep excelent time.

    However the new Milgauss is awsome looking and would not mind having one in my collection.

  12. Milgaus is awsome
    a dependable work horse inclosed in a sexy fortress of a case
    however for fit finish and tech quality my omega po coaxial has no peer

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  13. i have a brand new black dial milgauss that just came into an authorized rolex deal. anyone interested can contact me at 5617039342

  14. I gave my name to various jewelers around the country over the past 3-4 months. Almost all told me they were lucky to get 1-2 pieces at best and that it was doubtful i would get a call. Out of the blue i got a call from a jeweler in my home city of Dallas. They received just one. I originally wanted the white dial but they received the black. When i saw it i fell in love with it and bought it. It is a beautiful piece and worth the $. I was told i will do very well with this watch on a resell one day.

  15. where can i get the watch? i really need one as soon as posible the one with the Green Sapphire Crystal and Polished Bezel

  16. Rolex is very good at marketing .. not very good at making watches. The watches are pretty chav and are for people that don’t know anything about watches or don’t have the money to buy the next teir

  17. “on par with Omega”? That’s the funniest statement I’ve ever heard regarding watches. Rolex doesn’t sell their watches at a 35% discount like Omega for a reason., etc., etc.

  18. I’m after the milgauss limited edition with the green around the edge of the glass casing. Anyone know where you can get one without having to wait 2 – 4 years

  19. hi there!! I am in a dilemma.. have a budget for my next rolex collection. But im allowed to choose between the Milgauss or the stainless steel GMT-II with the green second hand. Love both of them??!! My gosh.. Any advise guys?? Pls help

  20. I got my first Rolex today and it’s a milgauss !! Black dial but not the green crystal:(. butlove it! True story.. I started calling all AD’s 2 days ago and I found one in a NJ suburb at a jewler.Sold to me at sticker price. I own two Panerai’s as my only watches both 5 years old and rare..I am so happy to finally add a Rolex to my stable.I had been holding out for a daytona..Thanks for your reviews guy’s

  21. I love how everyone buys into the “Rolex is expensive so it must be good” I had an old sub and sold it becuase it was such a crappy time keeper!

    My everyday watch is a Tag 1500 professional and, dear god, it’s quartz even. Wear it everday and banged it around for 4 years in the army and 17 years total. No problems and runs like a champ.

    I also have a speedmaster moon and has the best build quality I have ever seen in a watch. Hell, NASA picked it over Rolex to go to the moon. Sure, it doesn’t have that “ooh, it’s a Rolex” factor but I prefer that. People who know watches appreciate it and doesn’t have that “Rolex jerk factor”.

    That being said, I like the Milgauss but would never purchase one. Don’t like the rehaut.

  22. passed by amsterdam airport last night and could not believe my luck: milgauss with green sapphire had just been brought out 30 mins ago. didn’t think twice and bought it. absolutely gorgeous, and @chris and others: rolex build quality is WAY over omega (own a speedmaster too). and yes, nasa might have selected the speedy, but more than one astronaut didn’t trust it and brought their own (rolex gmt’s mostly)

    – GMT master
    – Milgauss Green Sapphire
    – Speedmaster Automatic

  23. I own a Rolex Submariner, Yacht-Master, and an AirKing, and an Omega Seamaster and A DeVille GMT. Both companies make an excellent watch, but for those of you downing the Omega, they actually have been building movements for longer than Rolex and I don’t understand how they could be referred to as a “lesser brand”. My Omegas lose about 2 seconds less per month than my Rolexes. The Omega coaxial movement is spot on.

  24. Could someone please post a review of the Milgaus specifying their experience with seconds per-day lost/gained over a day, week, month? Thanks!

  25. I have a two tone Omega Speedmaster (99′) and it never has kept good time. It ran slow when I bought it. Put up with it until service time, got it back from Omega and it now runs very fast. This is after they had it for almost 4 months. No sorry’s, did not send any perks just here it is…..your lucky we serviced it. Breitling shows the most passion when it comes to servicing a watch. I do like the milgauss, but cant pull the trigger. 7k for a ss rolex that does not have a bezel?

  26. Yay more good news. I got a call today the green dial limited edition!!! will be ready for me to pick up at the same Rolex AD Jeweler that sold me my black dial Milgauss 6 months ago…

    I will be willing to sell my BARELY WORN black dial as soon as I pick up the limited edition in a month. Middle of August!! If anyone would like to buy the black dial at $7000 (stock price plus tax!!) and can drive to Manhattan to hand me a certified check or cash. Call me at 240-462-5974.

  27. looking for a rolex milgauss with green sapphire glass.. need it by the middle of august.. can someone please help me?

  28. haha, the rolex vs. omega debate once again. i figured this out a long time ago. rolex is better than omega, but not equivalent to the overinflated price levels that rolex charges. for the price of a rolex, i can have a jaeger-lecoultre, which is the best value for true high-end horology. end of story.

  29. Does anyone know the actual retail $ of this watch…not the green crystal limited but the regular model?? THanks.

  30. I have noticed classic garments always stay in style. Fashion brings out whatever emotion you are feeling inside. Whatever you are feeling, have fun with it and remember not to take yourself so serious. Don’t let someone predict who you are!

  31. I have got a full set (black dial, white dial and green) of Milgauss at RRP and also I just find out a 1970 white dial Milgauss sold for US$54K in an auction….. Wow !!

    To face the true, the finishing of a Rolex has no comparison with Omega……….

  32. I have a Milgauss with green sapphire glass. Brand new condition, not worn, full papers. Want to sell to fund other purchases. Looking at US$7k. Thanks.

  33. With the exception of AP, I have owned the majority of main stream high-end watches on the market. I built my collection in the reverse order of most, with Rolex being my latest acquisitions (i.e. Sub, Deep Sea & Milgauss). Aside from build quality, I believe Rolex’s true strength to be their timelessness (i.e. the new Milgauss included). In addition, their re-sale value is extremely strong; the only timepiece that I have found to compare is Panerai. For the record, the worst I have encountered is Zenith.

  34. I have several rolex watches and have just purchased the Milgauss with the Green Saphire crystal. Not sure I really needed it and would be willing to sell it. All papers and box. Worn a few times. $6200 buys it.

  35. I live, and work with many watch brands in Switzerland. I realy like Omega, CoAxial=awesome !!
    Now for the sad, dark secret with Omega….
    Being within the swatch group, they use ETA movements and these movements are assembled in Switzerland with parts made in China and possibly other locations. For all Swiss made watches, only 50% of all componets have to be made in Switzerland, though they do have to be assembled here. The quality is probably the same at the machines that make the componets are most likely the same ones used in Swiss watch making (but who can really know…? I sure don’t !). Omega uses ETA parts for their movements (as all Swatch Groups brands) ; ETA is owned by Swatch.
    Rolex, uses 100% in house made watch components ! Of course, movements are all designed in house. Rolex is trully a bargain for their price, a true 100% Made Swiss watch {even IWC uses ETA parts on their watches, but I can’t verify ALL of their watches}. What a disappointment ! Were’s the love for a true 100% in house made watch ?! ROLEX !!:-)

    Omega has great braggin’ right that their watch went to the moon and was tops !!! I listened this year at the 2009 watch faire in Basel to a panel of American Astronauts that swore and worshiped the Speedmaster. One Astronaut said how the crystal popped off and that it still worked FINE(moon dust is a fine powder-Omega deserves high praise for their watch)! Another Astronaut relayed that his watch has never beem serviced in over 40 years and that it still kept “perfect” be honest, I don’t think not one person in the audience really believed the guy… Ok, he was excited, I really think he was trying to get on the good side of the Omega brand and their sponsored event. Anyway..bacically, the Omega watch is a great watch, only ONE ON THE MOON !! But to get back down to Earth..Rolex is by far superior in my view. Rolex is completely designed and created/fabricated in Switzerland by a company that has a real passion for the quality, for the customer.! Rolex all the way baby !!! Ok, that’s the hidden truth from Switzerland.
    Cheers, Swisslivingame

  36. Would a rolex milgauss survive an electromagnetic
    pulse from a nuclear weapon?

    I have been informed that a rolex explorer would be
    unlikely to survive the magnetic field component of
    an electromagnetic pulse.

    Apparently, mechanical watches are unaffected by the
    electric field component of an electromagnetic pulse.

  37. “Milgauss or the stainless steel GMT-II with the green second hand. Love both of them??!!”

    i love them both too. i have the milgauss GV, but am thinking about buying a GMTII too – much more common, but a very, very smart watch. that said, the milgauss grows and grows on me. the fine detail is superb.

  38. I just got the Black Dial Green Saphire V-Series 2009. All in plastic and tags in tact. Never tried on a wrist. But it is trully a gem! Anniversary eddition will be discontinued by the end of the year. If any true Rolex fan wants it in his/her collection I am very open for discussion.

  39. among my new collection of rolex, milgauss seems to have a big casing which makes it more fascinating. love it!

  40. I finally got my Rolex Milgauss GV at regular retail price! I have wanted this watch ever since I first tried one on in the summer of 2008! Little did I know then that it would take me a year and a half to find one again (at a Rolex dealer at regular retail price). This is one beautiful, special watch. Its a keeper.

  41. Ok..I have had my Milgauss GV for just over a week now, and I have only one minor complaint about the watch. When setting the time, there is play in the dial as I rotate the crown. Example: if I am trying to set the watch to exactly 6:05, it is very difficult to get the minute hand centered perfectly on the 5 o’clock position because when I release the crown the hand will “jump” slightly off the 5 o’clock bar because of this play, or “mushiness”, in the mechanism. I have to attempt covering the 5 o’clock bar several times, and estimate the “jump” the minute hand will make when I release the crown in order to get the hand to rest nicely over the 5 o’clock bar (and I never seem to get it exactly right). Consequently, as the the minute hand travels around the face, it doesn’t point exactly at the respective minute position each time the second hand reaches 12 o’clock. In addition to the minute hand “jump”, the hour and second hands also wiggle back and forth as I rotate the crown while doing fine setting. Has anybody else had this problem, if it can be called a problem? Do other Rolex models have the same functionality? I am a bit obsessive about my fine watches, and a little detail such as a minute hand not pointing exactly where it should, drives me kind of crazy.

  42. Loving the milgauss… It is larger than i realised. The detail is amazing. Orange bolt of lightening makes the watch young and not so ‘chav’ associated. Easy to accesorise with either evening dress or hoodie!
    Also own a 65′ oyster perpetual, 2 x Bell & Ross, Rado, Hamilton Ventura, Dunhill. – Milgauss is by far the finest and detailed.
    Buy the green milgauss for a secure investment.
    PS> Omega is no way near as comparible. Read the Rolex history, you will be converted!

  43. Chris :Rolex is very good at marketing .. not very good at making watches. The watches are pretty chav and are for people that don’t know anything about watches or don’t have the money to buy the next teir

    that is the most ridiculous comment i have ever heard…

  44. Hey. A chav is a tracksuit wearing scum bag. Normally from a government social housing estate.
    I don’t think a chav could afford a Rolex. Maybe a fake.

  45. @rolex_josh

    Agreed with you Rolex_Josh. Same for the poor folks who complained about Hummer burns lots of gas and BMW is overpriced. Poor Chris.
    I have two of them, the GV and the White dial. Love them. Do I care about the anti-magneticism? No. Do I dive with my Deep Sea, no, I don’t even swim. Do I change my GMT when I am in a different time zone, don’t even know how. But who cares when you wear watches that all people want but few can afford.

  46. Im looking at the rolex air king model. It has a very simplistic way about it and doesnt have the bulk of the other models. I own an Omega Seamaster and love it. And the debate can be argued over both Rolex and Omega but when it comes down to it, Omega has the prestige and craftsmenship that Rolex cant touch.

  47. rolex_josh :
    Loving the milgauss… It is larger than i realised. The detail is amazing. Orange bolt of lightening makes the watch young and not so ‘chav’ associated. Easy to accesorise with either evening dress or hoodie!
    Also own a 65? oyster perpetual, 2 x Bell & Ross, Rado, Hamilton Ventura, Dunhill. – Milgauss is by far the finest and detailed.
    Buy the green milgauss for a secure investment.
    PS> Omega is no way near as comparible. Read the Rolex history, you will be converted!

    @Vic in San Diego

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