Or would that actually be quadruple sevens?  Alas, I get ahead of myself.  As you know, we’ve been fans of what has been coming from Quebec’s Division Furtive.  This started with their first electro-mechanical watch that ended up morphing into the LED-driven ones we know as the Type 40 and Type 50.  With the Division Furtive Type 77, things head back into that more mechanical realm, along with a few new surprises.

You see, the Division Furtive Type 77 series is not just a watch – it’s actually four different, well, wrist-mounted creations in 47mm titanium cases.  The first, the Division Furtive Type 77.TIME is, of course, a watch.  The video (which I’ve linked below) explains it better than my words could, but you have a rotating disc involved, along with LEDs that you can set the color of.  While this floats things into a more traditional look (in terms of how you tell the time), it still feels to be very much in the vein of the prior models.  The Division Furtive Type 77.TIME will carry an MSRP of$777, but is up for presale right now at $477.

Now, if you dig the looks of the Division Furtive Type 77.TIME, but are more on the hunt for an activity tracker, that’s where the Division Furtive Type 77.MOVE comes into play.  This one exposes more of the guts of what is going on inside the watch, with some lights (and mechanical movement) to let you know how much (or how little) you’re moving throughout the day.  The $677 ($377 on pre-sale) Division Furtive Type 77.MOVE feels like it should have been integrated into the .TIME version, but they’re separate at this point in time.

Third up, we have the Division Furtive Type 77.CUBE ($477 MSRP,$277 on pre-sale) that puts a fidget toy on your wrist.  Well, and your hand.  Again, the video is what does this one justice.  In the case, you’ve got a small metal cube that is strongly magnetically coupled to a larger cube.  Rather than these two trying to get close to one another, via something called Lenz’s Law, you can make the little cube move as you move the larger one in your hand.  Perhaps not the most practical thing, but it would be a fun toy to play around with.

Last, but not least, that leaves us with the Division Furtive Type 77.MAZE ($377 MSRP;$177 pre-sale).  We have seen wrist-mounted mazes before (from a rather high-end brand, actually), and this one seems like it would be rather tricky to get it all the way through, as the grooves are not particularly deep.  Now that I think about it, if this was combined with the .CUBE variant, that could be pretty fun as well.  Ultimately, not as practical as a watch would be, but it’s a clever design exercise.

And there you have it – a very quick run-down of the four models that make up the Division Furtive Type 77 collection.  As I mentioned, the video really does help explain these watches, so be sure to give that a look.  The pre-order just started today (August 30) and there are just (100) pieces that are going to be made available of each.  The Type 77 is a departure from what we’d seen previously, but I think the brand is taking things in an interesting direction rather than just resting on the laurels they collected with the prior designs.  Whether you agree or not, be sure to let us know in the comments below.  division-furtive.com

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Division Furtive Type 77
  • Price: Pre-sale pricing ranges from $177 – $477
  • Who we think it might be for: The prior Division Furtive watches got your attention, but you prefer a more traditional manner of telling time
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be:  Combine the models – TIME + MOVE, and CUBE+MAZE
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: The color-changing LEDS (along with the color-sensor)


Tech Specs from Division Furtive

  • MSRP: 777 USD (Type 77.TIME), 677 USD (Type 77.MOVE), 477 USD (Type 77.CUBE), 377 USD (Type 77.MAZE)
  • Presale prices: 477 USD (Type 77.TIME), 377 USD (Type 77.MOVE), 277 USD (Type 77.CUBE), 177 USD (Type 77.MAZE)
  • Diameter: 47 mm (all devices)
  • Thickness: 15 mm (all devices)
  • Sapphire crystal (all devices)
  • Titanium casing (all devices)
  • Screw back cover (all devices)
  • Finishes (4 options, available on all devices): brushed or matte with or without black PVD
  • Wristbands: Metal mesh (on the Type 77.TIME), NATO strap (on the Type 77.MOVE) and the ultra-smooth silicone (included with all devices)
  • Cell size (Type 77.TIME and Type 77.MOVE): 357 (4x)
  • Power reserve (shelf-life): 5 years
  • Power reserve (Type 77.TIME): 3~12 months (usage dependent, if worn everyday)
  • Power reserve (Type 77.MOVE): 6~12 month (usage dependent, if worn everyday)
  • Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer + color sensor

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