Just had some more news about new Swatch models cross my desk on my lunch break, so I thought I’d bring it to your attention.  And, hey, they’re chronographs!

It looks like there are three different color combos (black with red, black with fushia, and fushia with white).  Regardless of color, you’ve got a 40mm case (12mm thick) made of aluminum, as well as an aluminum bracelet.  Given that, it should be a fairly light quartz watch, even given the bigger size.

If you’re looking for a colorful chrono, this may be right up your alley, at $175.  For our part, we’re looking into getting a sample over for review to give you an up-close impression.


Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch unveils two new watches in its signature collection of Swiss made precision Irony chronographs. The Chrono Collection presents a pair of Irony Chronos featuring the popular model’s classic good looks and timeless style.
Polished stainless steel gives the polished 40mm case, brushed bezel and brushed bracelet a distinguished and self-assured look and feel, while sun-brushed black or red dials present a fashion-wise contrast, with the tone-on-tone counters adding just the right touch of cool, understated elegance to the design. Smart, poised and stylish-the Chrono Collection says it all.
Shop: Swatch Red Circle – http://bit.ly/SwatchRedCircle – $175.00
Shop Swatch Fuchsia Circle – http://bit.ly/SwatchFuchsiaCircle – $175.00

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Last Update: May 11, 2012