Swatch is celebrating the Year of the Dragon with a vibrant, colorful collection of five new watches. Inspired by neon lights and signs emblematic of Asian cityscapes, the collection infuses traditional rituals with a modern, urban twist.

The Collection

Featuring a diverse palette of references, this collection expands the horizons of Swatch’s portfolio. Standing true to the aesthetic essence of Chinese New Year, the collection embraces loud, multicoloured designs, with only one exception that opts for a more sophisticated approach.

Noteworthy in the series is a model equipped with SwatchPay!, Swatch’s solution to seamless payments. Incorporating a Near Field Communication-enabled payment chip into the watch, the feature aims to simplify daily transactions, mirroring systems like Apple Pay. However, usability plays a crucial role in the success of such tech-ventures. With current support limited to specific countries across Europe and Switzerland, the scope for SwatchPay! remains relatively confined.

A Touch of Gold

Swatch Year of the Dragon

The ‘Dragon in Gold’ stands apart in this collection. Unlike its colourful siblings, this model carries the grace of the Slim line. Its gold-toned body resonates with the art of maki-e, practiced by Japanese artisans. But to allude to this watch as urushi wouldn’t do justice to either- after all, it’s a Swatch, and a pleasantly affordable one at that. Most of the watches are around the $100-200 mark, which make them great for

The dragon, a symbol of fortune, intelligence, and confidence in Chinese culture, inspires the collection. Swatch believes that “there is a dragon in all of us,” and this collection serves as a creative expression of this belief. Whether you’re searching for an apt gift or a unique accessory, the Year of the Dragon collection has something to offer all tastes and personalities. And who knows, you might even be tempted to become a collector!

Collection Overview

Swatch Year of the Dragon

The first watch in the series is an oversized, silver-dialled model featuring dragon prints in a myriad of colours, housed in a semi-transparent bio-sourced case. Paired with a semi-transparent matte white strap with multicolour print, it completes any outfit with a touch of flamboyance.

Swatch Year of the Dragon

The second model, enabled with SwatchPAY!, boasts a black, multi-colour printed dial snug inside a black bio-sourced case. Topped with a matching black printed strap, it serves as a sleek, tech-enabled accessory.

Swatch Year of the Dragon

A third watch in the collection captivates with a blue, multi-colour printed dial, contained in a dark blue bio-sourced case. Matched with a blue printed strap, it makes a compelling case for a serene, yet brightly accented piece.

Swatch Year of the Dragon

The fourth watch, a chronograph with dragon prints, sports a red dial offset by a radiant golden-coloured case. Along with a red printed strap, it redefines glory and grace.

Swatch Year of the Dragon

Finally, the ultra-slim ‘Dragon in Gold’ presents a golden-colored dial with multi-color print. Encased in a radiant golden case, it stands out with its golden-colored printed strap.

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