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WatchBuys is an on-line retailer of German Watches, where the watches they represent have a limited or non-existent retail presence. With limited ability to go into a store, it is tough to really get a feel for the quality and, frankly, beauty of these watches. Hence, a road show. The events are invitation only, but all you have to do in order to get an invitation is ask. There are no sales whatsoever at the WatchBuys road show events, it is all for watch lovers to check out these smaller brands. This past weekend they were in Los Angeles (Pasadena to be exact), and I checked out the wares.


Chronographs are a funny thing, for me. On one hand, I do understand and appreciate the overall look of a chronograph, be it a bi- or tri-compax layout. For all practical purposes, however, I simply do not have a use the complication offers. As such, I generally tend to steer away from chronographs, especially as they are generally housed in larger cases. That all said, I may have found an exception to my rule with a watch being introduced at Basel later this month – the Junghans Meister Chronoscope.