The December 2016 WWR Giveaway – an Ingersoll Boonville

December 1, 2016 . by Patrick Kansa

When it comes to our giveaways, we try to keep things fairly recent – we review a watch, and then if a brand decides that it can be passed along to our readers, we’ll get it slotted into a giveaway fairly quickly.  Other times, though, a watch slides to the back of the drawer and…

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette, a Modern Skeleton

January 27, 2015 . by Matt Himmelstein

The concept of a skeleton watches intrigues me, but the execution (at least for affordable ones) usually leaves underwhelmed. I love the way that the mechanical movements are exposed, but they end up visually very busy, and they tend to be overly ornate. When Tissot offered to loan me the Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette for a review, I jumped at the opportunity. Here was a watch that looked modern and readable, while still showing off the mechanical movement that makes a skeleton interesting. Unbeknownst to me, Patrick also decided to review this watch, albeit for A Blog To Watch. He didn’t get it hands on, but his impression was that the watch lacked some of the showmanship that you see on really high end skeleton watches, but still had a design that was readable while showing off the important parts.

Introducing The Boxer Watches Black Ice

January 19, 2015 . by Patrick Kansa

We first brought you word of the new brand Boxer Watches back in 2012, when we did a hands-on review of the Zeus (LINK; verify it was a review). A few years on, and they are back with their second model. As with the Zeus, they have gone with a skeletonized movement, this time in a squared-off case. Let’s have a look at the Boxer Watches Black Ice.

The October Giveaway: Earnshaw Longcase Skeleton

October 1, 2014 . by Patrick Kansa

We’ve hit a new month on the calendar, and that means one thing here at WWR – it’s time for us to start up a brand new giveaway. For the October giveaway, you’ve got a chance to win an Earnshaw Longcase Skeleton.

Earnshaw Longcase Hands On Review

April 21, 2014 . by Matt Himmelstein

I have long been fascinated with skeletonized watches. Apart from the sweep of the second hand, there is not a lot to indicate that a watch is an automatic, especially if it is on your wrist and the caseback is not in view. With a skeleton, the guts are on display with the balance wheel, at the very least, ticking away the time. The Earnshaw Longcase brings a skeletonized automatic down to an attractive price point, with the list at $600, but the street price often significantly lower.

Ulysse Nardin Goes Bare Bones

August 21, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  This has been a great summer for seeing very interesting movements, especially ones that were designed to be looked at an marveled upon (we have another example for you right here). Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at a Ulysse Nardin that features a skeleton movement.

And the Winner Is…

April 23, 2013 . by Patrick Kansa

  That’s right, our Boxer Watches contest from last week wrapped up yesterday, so now it’s time to announce our winner.