Man – $400 vs $4,000. Looks like a hot little number and it’s got an ETA movement. All of this looks very derivative, though. Look at the Anonimo-alike on the front page.

This watch really makes a statement. The excellent Swiss ETA movement 2824-2 automatic keeps time perfectly. This is a very good looking watch that distinguishes itself from all the everyday watches. Ideal for people who have courage and don’t hesitate to make decisions.

The Aircraft8 [ – Steinhart Watches]

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

14 thoughts on “The Aircraft8 – Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splaining to Do”
  1. If you think this looks like the Bell & Ross you should check out Revo’s offering. Unfortunately I can not find any reference to it online but it is almost an exact copy for about 120euro. In the shop I saw it, it was labelled as the “Revo Chronograph”.

  2. If someone finds this Revo please post, as I can’t find any mention of it anywhere and ver scarce availability of any Revo watches. There are plenty of $40 US chrono’s that are Revo but nothing that I’ve seen anywhere like this.

  3. I spotted the Revo “replicas” this weekend in a local Sunglasses Hut (Dublin, Ireland). The staff were only able to tell me it was a Revo Chronograph, basically regurgitating what was on the sticker. Prices seem’d to range from 130 – 360 euro depending on the model.

    I’ve managed to get a few (poor quality) photos of them with my SE k70i

  4. Believe it or not. This is a high quality watch. Bought one and its the best watch I have owned.

  5. I saw these at my nearest Sunglasses Hut in Bluewater. They caught my eye as i love the Bell & Ross version. Dont know about quality but it was about £125 so i guess you get what you pay for?!

  6. Hi,i have a mint original Revo watch for sale.
    Contact me to my mail for info.

  7. I found a Revo watch in Dublin (Ireland) too. I bought it in a large department store called Clerys. It looks like the far-right watch on the first picture you can find behind the link given above.
    Look really excellent and costs a lot less than a real Bell&Ross.

  8. I have a Revo Chronograph, which I absolutely love, I have tried to find them since and there is very little referenceon the web, so I have emailed them in the US for advice on ‘’

    I can only see sunglasses on their site. I bought mine for £55 in the sale at sunglasses hut.

  9. I too have a Revo chronograph, bought in the sales last year at Sunglasses Hut in Bluewater. (2nd from the left in the 1st pic above) I had never heard of Bell & Ross until someone asked me in a restaurant if my watch was a Bell & Ross!

    Now I wish I had bought the entire range as the past 8 months I have looked high and low for the Revo chronograph watch (B&R look-alikey ones).

    Anyone had any luck? I have a sneaking suspicion R&B took Revo to court?

  10. I have owned a Revo for about 4 years, and have been unimpressed for 3 of those years. I bought it based on the reputation of the company’s sunglasses, but their watches are farmed out to some company who cares very little about the product. I wear the watch very little, yet have had to replace the strap 3 times, and I even had the second hand fall off! How does that even happen!?

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