. The Culinary features a concentric circle texture on the dial, calling out the same relief found in fine cookware. The shape of the case itself resembles a skillet, and the crown and pushers are formed in the style of high end oven or cook top knobs.

Fair enough. It uses a Swiss ISA movement and has an alarm for timing dishes, reserve de marche battery meter, and luminous hands. It comes on leather or steel and has a sapphire crystal.

I’ve always said that watchmakers need to target famous chefs. After all, when they’re on TV their wrists are always showing. A lost Rolex in the pudding might even make for a great gift for a lucky diner.

4 thoughts on “The new Culinary Watch”
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  2. I received this watch for my birthday, and as it is a beautiful piece, it does not have any thing in particular useful in the kitchen. The timer is not audible in a busy kitchen, the face is too busy, the numbers on the face are too small I would prefer a regular minute hand, and it would really help if it had a bezel ring to mark time. I will be returning mine for a refund and probably purchasing a Seiko or some other brand.

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