As should be no surprise, we here at WWR are big, big fans of watches.  But you know what we like almost as much?  Watch straps.  There is quite a variety out there when it comes to materials, colors, and even pricing.  Want a two piece made from moose leather?  You can find it.  Want something made from an old baseball glove?  You can find it.  Just need a cheap one-piece nylon one for the summer?  You can get it.  In fact, this month’s sponsor, CheapestNatoStraps, certainly can cover that last category.  However, that’s not all they’ve got going in their catalog.

When CheapestNatoStraps reached out to us, it’s safe to say we were smitten.  Given how a strap can really change the look of a watch, the aesthetics of a strap are a key consideration.  And from what we were seeing on the website, it seemed like things were on the right path.  Of course, construction and material quality are important factors as well, no matter the price of the strap.  To that end, we have a variety coming in so we can give you a hands-on impression of these affordable beauties.

In the mean time, CheapestNatoStraps was kind enough to sponsor this month’s giveaway.  So, while we’re working up our review, you can put your name in the hat for a nice variety of straps from CheapestNatoStraps.  Here’s what you’re going to be in the running for:

Of note, all of these straps will be in a 20mm width.  Also of note, the contest this month is open to contestants worldwide.  To enter the contest, it’s the same steps as we normally have:

  1. Comment below on what your favorite strap or bracelet style is
  2. Head on over to our Giveaway page and complete your entry

Please note, you must do both steps (the comment and the giveaway page entry) to be eligible for the giveaway.  Good luck, and our thanks again to CheapestNatoStraps for sponsoring the giveaway.

ByPatrick Kansa

A big data developer and leader with a penchant for gadgets, books, watches and beverages. You can find my work on WristWatchReview, Knapsack.News, and Slushpile. If you're on Twitter and/or Instagram, you'll find me there as @PatrickWatches.

71 thoughts on “The November 2017 WWR Giveaway – a surplus of straps!”
  1. I like the leather strap with the orange stitch. It would look pretty nice on my Pebble Time Round. The 20mm size is just perfect too as all my watches take that size!

  2. Tough choice between anthracite+orange stitching, or the retro brown. I reckon the latter wins for me though, as it’s a bit more flexible in what it goes with.

  3. A classic brown leather strap is probably my favourite due to its versatility. I really like the anthracite strap in this giveaway.

  4. I usually prefer black or brown leather. I’ll choose one in the morning to match my belt and shoes for the day. If I’m feeling peppy I’ll choose something with contrast stitching. Of the lot above, the retro brown is my favourite.

  5. My favorite straps are the “seat belt” nato. There’s something so luxurious about that feeling.

  6. I prefer brown leather straps, the Kvarnsjö Retro Brown is my favorite of the ones listed above.

  7. I really like the pebbled brown.A very distinctive strap that will make a few look at the watch.

  8. The racers are cool looking. But something about that Kvarnsjö Retro Brown that just makes me say “woohoohoo”.

  9. I am usually deciding between a nice solid color (dark) nato or vintage-looking brown leathers.

  10. Amazing straps here… Even though I’m partial to brown straps in general, that Grand prix burgundy gets my motor running!

  11. Sofie’s straps and watchbands are really awesome! I love her great customer support and fast shipping to Germany! My favorite from the choice above is the “Kvarnsjö Premium Racing Black” <3

  12. My favorites straps that I have tested is leather and Nato. (Btw KVARNSJÖ RETRO MIDNIGHT and KVARNSJÖ RACING ANTHRACITE WITH ORANGE STITCHING are my favorites)

  13. That Kvarnsjö retro brown would look great on several of my watches… :)…..they all look pretty good though !

  14. oh i just received six leather straps from and love the Kvarnsjö Racing Anthrazite with orange stitch. Hope could provide a stitching colour customisation option in future – it would be a great tool and would certainly make them a favourite amongst watch enthusiasts.

  15. I’m currently wearing vintage straps a lot. I like the even thickness and the smooth finish.

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