I ran across an interesting British /Swedish brand, the Triwa company.  It looks to me like their whole line is quite affordable; in particular, their Neville line caught my eye.

Triwa has been only been around since 2007, so they’re a relatively new player in the watch industry.  Their focus is squarely on the “fashion watch” segment, as they want to embrace creativity without being pretentious (if you want to know more, take a look here).  Now, on to the Nevil line of watches!

Off the bat, we have a classic chronograph style to the watch.  And unlike some others I’ve shown here, this is a true chronograph (not just chronograph styling).  It’s powered by the quartz Miyota OS-21 movement, and the watch offers the following:

  • Hours/minutes
  • Chronograph seconds and minute hands
  • 24-hour register
  • 50m water resistance
  • 42mm black acetate case
  • 20mm lugs holding an organic leather strap
  • Available in 9 different variants

All of these watches come in at 180 GBP (approx. $277), excepted for the one limited edition model that goes for 249 GBP (approx $383).  So, this definitely puts us firmly in the affordable category.  Why might you consider this watch over one from a more established brand?

Really, I think it comes down to a matter of personal tastes.  With the Nevil line, there’s a lot of variation available, so you should be able to find a combo that’s to your liking.  I also think the acetate case is an interesting choice.  While I’m sure it made things cheaper to produce, it will likely also net a much lighter watch.  Of course, time will show how well it holds up to daily wear.

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Last Update: January 8, 2012