I know what you’re thinking – because it’s the same thing I thought when I got the press release. That being that, well, changeable bracelets aren’t really an innovation. Sure, quick release spring bars are the newer hotness, but it’s been done. But what it seems Tom Ford has done here has taken the idea of a pass-through textile strap, and applied it to a bracelet.

If you take a closer look, you can see that there’s a small black plate that the two sides of the bracelet attaches to. On one hand, that makes some sense as you’d not want yet another piece of metal banging against the back of the watch case. However, it is still adding some bulk underneath the case – which, when it’s 30mm x 44mm (for the larger watch) or 27mm x 40mm, that’s still going to be some noticeable bulk.

Now, myself, I don’t see much of a problem for changing a bracelet for a strap, even if quick-change springbars aren’t part of the bargain. But I suppose not everyone is down with the nitty gritty of that sort of effort, and hence we’ve got these new sorts of ideas hitting the market. These new bracelets were announced earlier this week, available in three finishes (polished stainless-steel, brushed stainless-steel, and black matte DLC) to match the finish of your watch.

Here’s what Mr. Ford (the very one behind the brand) has to say about these bracelets:

?This metal band has literally taken two years to develop and I don?t think that there has ever been anything like it,? said Mr. Ford. ? It was an enormous technological challenge. As with all of our bands the strap simply slips through the back of the watch and can transform a leather strapped watch into an all metal watch in a matter of seconds. This is the key to my watch collection: once you own a case that you love it can be changed and transformed into many variations to suit your mood or the occasion almost instantly. This is a revolutionary strap and I am incredibly proud of it.?

Tom Ford

For the bracelet that fits your Tom Ford 001, you’ll be paying either $820 (for stainless) or $1,320 (black DLC). Now, do note that this is in addition to the base price of the quartz watch runs from $2,100 to $2,200 (for stainless steel) and $3,500 to $3,600 for the black DLC. And should you be looking for one to fit your Tom Ford 002, those will be coming in November 2020. And in the meantime, we’re working to get a loaner in. tomford.com

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