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Recently Released: Tom Ford N.004


While there are a few brands that have leaned into watches made from ocean plastic, it’s just a single model most often. Just recently, Tom Ford released their second model (we covered the prior ones here) that embraces the recycled plastic taken from the oceans. Meet the Tom Ford N.004.

Recently Released: Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Sport


Back over the summer, we brought you word that Tom Ford was getting into using recycled ocean plastic for one of their watch designs. That was a fairly basic three-hander that certainly got the job done. However, if you want something that looks and feels a bit more robust, then the recently announced Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Sport should have your ears perking up.

Even Tom Ford wants to save the oceans


Everybody is getting onto the ocean plastic bandwagon these days, it would seem. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I’m all for it, getting that stuff out of the ocean, and #tide seems to have figured out interesting ways to get it repurposed. One of the latest brands to use the material is Tom Ford with the Tom Ford 002 Ocean Plastic Watch.

Tom Ford is introducing interchangeable bracelets


I know what you’re thinking – because it’s the same thing I thought when I got the press release. That being that, well, changeable bracelets aren’t really an innovation. Sure, quick release spring bars are the newer hotness, but it’s been done. But what it seems Tom Ford has done here has taken the idea of a pass-through textile strap, and applied it to a bracelet.