Been some time since I brought an ultra-thin watch to your attention, hasn’t it?  Well, we’re going to rectify that particular problem, now that I’ve stumbled across a model from Rado named the Rado True Thinline.

As you might guess, the most interesting aspect of this watch is how thin it is.  What you may not realize at first (at least, I didn’t) is that the case is made out of ceramic (bam!  A mashup of some running themes I’ve had – thin watches and cases not made from steel).

So, back to the size of the watch.  While it’s a very modern 39mm wide and 44mm tall, it’s only 5mm thick.  Sure, at that depth, you’re not likely to have an automatic movement ticking away, and this Rado is the exception. Most of the line contains an ETA quartz movement that in and of itself only measures in a 1mm thick, but this particular model (ref 629.0969.3.115) does feature an automatic movement.

Now, on to that case material.  Sure, ceramic is making more of a dent in terms of what you see watches made from, but it’s not very common, by far.  Thankfully this isn’t Rado’s first dip in the ceramic waters  – they’ve been working with the material for 25 years now, so they should know what they’re doing.

The watch is available in several different finishes, with the major color schemes being black or white.  You also get a choice of if you want diamonds encrusted on the dial.  Either way, pricing looks to start  at around $1100, and goes up from there.   This one is likely the lightest and most durable dress watch you could put on.

ByPatrick Kansa

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