Unidesign Watch Company Model One

The Unidesign Watch Company has the right idea. This Unidesign Watch Company Model One timepiece, created by Virginia designer Tony Ngh, runs a Miyota 9015 automatic movement and comes in three colors – green, blue, and grey. The hands and pips are fully lumed and the case is made of 316L surgical steel. The integrated bracelet melds into the case seamlessly and the whole package is a bit small on the wrist it wears comfortably.

The Unidesign Watch Company Model One gives off Gérald Genta vibes, for obvious reasons. The case hearkens back to the Royal Oak and the Nautilus but has its own design language with bold square engraving on the face and great-looking hands. The face catches the light wonderfully and the whole package, from case to band to clasp, is well done.

In short, this microbrand ticks all the boxes. It looks great, feels great, and wears really well.

Here’s the kick: you can’t have it yet. The watch will go live on Kickstarter in October. You can sign up to be notified of the launch on Tony’s site and eventually, you’ll be able to buy them directly.

Early Reviews

I really like this watch. When I first saw it I knew what the designer was going for but, interestingly, they avoided all the bad tropes and created something that was lovely and harmonious. The automatic movement ticks my mechanical box and the all-steel construction means you’re getting a quality piece you can wear for decades. In all, it’s surprisingly nice.

We saw an early prototype and, because it was sized smaller, my wife wore it around the house and reported that she loved it. It’s a bit big to be unisex but if you like a mid- to large-sized watch the Model One – a watch that I hope will be the first in a long series – is definitely a winner.

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