Well, I certainly can’t answer to the watch-wearing habits of woodland mammals.  So, let’s stick with whether or not we’d strap this watch from the WeWood company on or not.  What we have here is the DATE model, and I want to address the name of the model right away.

After I got in contact with the company, that’s one of the points I wanted to clarify, because I most certainly was not seeing a date window on the dial.  To put it simply, it’s the name that the Italian designer selected, and that’s what the company went with.

So, what of the watch itself?  As you may have guessed from the company name, it’s well and truly made from wood, with the dial, case, and bracelet made from various woods, depending on the model you choose.  The Date model has a diameter of 42mm, and contains a Miyota movement (given the fact they’re not saying otherwise, I’m assuming that this is a quartz movement).

I’ll be honest – if it wasn’t for the fact that this watch is made from wood, I wouldn’t find it that interesting.  However, the chosen material does give it that additional bit of “oomph” that could pop it onto your radar.  There are seven different varities, and they all go for $120 direct from WeWood.  However, if you search around on Amazon, you can find them for a more reasonable $90.

ByPatrick Kansa

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