We’ve made no bones here at WWR at being fans of what NTH is producing. In fact, when it came time to talk about the homage and replica world on the Hourtime Podcast (check that here) , we had Chris Vail and Josh Irons on. Partly because Vail got dragged into a controversy, but also because we think that NTH has done something quite clever in that their homage watches are a well-sorted mix-and-match approach to a sub homage. So, today we’re talking about a collabo they did with WatchGauge, the NTH Nazario Ghost.

When they asked if I wanted to get a loaner in, I said yes immediately. In some ways, it was an oddball for me to check out. California dial, cathedral handset, wrapped up in their compact 40mm sub case. I knew it would be a nice watch, but not one that I would normally think of wanting to take a look at. It had been awhile since having an NTH Sub in (last seen here), I was reminded of just how compact the case is, and how well it fits with the bracelet. At that point, I had not given much thought or attention to the dial.

The first time I turned off the lights, the NTH Nazario Ghost made it be known that the dial was not something to be overlooked. It’s when you see the luminous paint light up that you realize how unique a look it is to have the outlines of the numerals, and nothing in the middle. That speaks to some precision printing for sure, as any blip or skip would be noticeable right away. Here, while I’m normally a fan of fully (or almost fully) lumed hands, I was finding myself wishing that the ghosted outlines of the numerals approach had made it’s way to the handset as well, as it would make for a really cool look.

As you can see in that photo up there, the model name of the NTH Nazario Ghost is lumed, which continues the tradition of NTH putting lume in a place you might not expect. Well, except we expect the brand to lume other things on the dial, as well as the signed crown (which is done here as well). Just as we expect Vail to give us combinations we wouldn’t expect. Like, cathedral hands over a California dial. I mean, that’s not something you’d readily think of putting in a sub case (at least, I wouldn’t) but that’s why I review the stuff and Doc makes it.

And you know, somehow, it works. Vail has an eye for pulling these disparate details together, and wrapping it together with top-notch components. The steel case and bracelet as as solid as ever, and the stainless steel bezel (and insert) are worlds above any plain aluminum insert, while giving you something a bit more accepting of day-to-day abuse than ceramic or sapphire may be.

Normally, if you’re wanting to pick up a watch from NTH, you’d just head right over to their site. For this one, the NTH Nazario Ghost, you’ll actually need to head over to WatchGauge, as they’ve got the exclusive rights to this little beastie. Like the prior subs we’ve seen from the brand, affordability is still a feature, with the price tag on this one reading just $675. If you find yourself interested, go on, check ’em out. You won’t be disappointed! watchgauge.com

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: NTH Nazario Ghost for WatchGauge
  • Price: $675
  • Who’s it for? While you like the idea of a no-date sub, you don’t want “just another” clone
  • Would I wear it? While I’ve found myself liking their snowflake models a bit more, this ghosted indices could get me reconsidering
  • What I’d change: Why not “ghost” the handset? IE, get it on a thin but sturdy resin so it looks clear in the middle, but has the luminescent outline
  • The best thing about it: If you couldn’t tell, I really liked the the hollowed-out glowing outline approach this watch took

Tech Specs from NTH

  • Case:  316L Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:  40mm x 11.5mm, 48mm lug-to-lug
  • Movement:  Miyota 9039(Automatic)
  • Bezel:  120-Click Uni-Directional Bezel with Top-Grade PVD/DLC Stainless Steel Insert
  • Water Resistance:  300M
  • Warranty:  2 years

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Last Update: August 15, 2019