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When it comes to dive watches, especially those that we see showing up on the crowdfunding sites, they are decidedly more of an entry-level proposition. I am not saying that there is a problem with that (quite the contrary), just stating a fact. That makes it all the more curious – or interesting, depending on your view – that we caught word of a new higher-end sort of an option showing up over on Indiegogo. The Haldor Abissi 1000M just launched, and offers some rather nice specs especially for the pricepoint.

There are certainly no shortage of watches popping up on crowd-funding sites these days. There are so many there days that we have actually dialed back our coverage. A lot of that is due to an abundance of very (VERY) similar watches coming out with little differentiation past a dial color and logo. Then you have something like the Automat Oro Dato that is rather unlike what has come before it, and then it merits some discussion here on these pages.

This Sunday I am doing something a little different. Instead of showing off a few videos, I am going to do a pair of re-reviews, Rewind Reviews if you will, second looks at watches that we have featured here at the site. I have a pair of divers that Patrick reviewed the Benarus Vintage Moray and the Van Speyk Dutch Diver. I have had some time with both watches, and I like them both, though they are very different.

As always, thank you for taking the time to join us for our weekly feature, Watching the Web, where we point you to interesting posts we find on other sites, as well as highlight our own popular articles. The week, from across the web, I have reviews of Nomos and Ressence watches, and a short round up of independent watchmakers. From our own site, seeing how this is the penultimate weekend of the year, I would highlight our most popular posts for the last 12 months.

After dive watches, I would hazard a guess that pilot watches are the next most popular style – in general – of watches. And if they aren’t, they have to be in the top 5, just based on the sheer number of models that I have seen released. A lot of these tend to come from the more established brands, or those with a particular history with aviation watches. What I have not noticed near as much are pilot-style watches coming from independent brands, especially those using Kickstarter to get the ball rolling. As you might guess, that’s where we find the MEW Depth Pilot.

Want to go Dutch? It is always fun to uncover a new (at least new to me) brand, so it was fun to uncover the Florijn Dive watches from this small Dutch brand. The watches are supposed to represent Dutch design aesthetics, simple and powerful with clean lines, no frills and solid functionality. I think on most of these points they hit the mark.

Do you have a medical professional in your life? How about someone aspiring to be a medical professional? While the practice of checking one’s pulse manually has fallen by the wayside with modern medical devices, it can’t hurt to have a very hand backup device, or just own something that pays homage to that tradition. The Christopher Ward C9 Pulsometer Limited Edition Chronometer makes it easy to measure a heartbeat. And it is a pretty nice looking watch to boot.

I don’t know when blue dials went from being a relative rarity to being very popular, but I am not complaining. Maybe we should be wondering why blue dials were never as well represented as they are now. Regardless, the Steinhart Marine Officer Blue is another watch option if you like the blue dial, and it represents a pretty decent bargain to boot.