The “Fashion Watch” category – not a place I usually like to go, but sometimes there are some nice concepts out there. Typically, you’ll find me wearing one of a few categories: the functional field watch (eg Suunto Core Black/Black), the hardened dive watch (eg Seiko SKX009), the classy and quirky watch (eg Meistersinger Salthora Meta X), or the concept watch (eg Solgaard Hex). But rarely do I dip into the affordable, established, fashion-focused category.

Adexe Watches in the UK changes this – at least for a bit. The Adexe Forseer watch is an interestingly styled fashion watch, delivered on a mid-range mesh strap, with a rounded crystal, GMT dial, and low-end but reliable battery operated quartz movement. For £119.00.

The future is unknown, but the present is foreseeable. Live in the present, carpe diem.

Inspired by binoculars, the two iconic sub-dials serve as pillars of certainty and stability, hours and minutes, accuracy and efficacy.

First Impressions

The Forseer comes in a small cardboard box, which I’m actually a fan of – it gets the job done, doesn’t take up a ton of room, and doesn’t waste budget on an element that’s only really necessary for the beginning of the life of the watch. In the box is the watch, a small strap changing tool, and an extra leather strap – in basic, but decent black leather. I certainly appreciate the inclusion of an extra strap. The watch feels solid, and the mesh strap looks nice. Of note, it’s not quite as substantial as I expected, but the watch still has a good heft to it, and the domed crystal has a nice shine on the edges.

Fit and Finish

The watch itself is OK, not perfect though. I feel like the dial has a bit of an unfinished look – a vertical pattern of striations on the main part of the dial looks good, but not quite as deliberate as I’d like for a textured dial. Additionally, when looking in the right light, the index printing on the dial has a bit of a shine to it – kind of like plastic-y ink or a magazine print. I’d expect usually to see a matte ink, or high lustre ink – but this semi-gloss ink just doesn’t cut it for me.

The metal mesh bracelet is functional, but really not the best one I’ve seen. Along the edges there are a few sharp corners, which isn’t the biggest deal, but I’d love to see these edges buffed out a bit. Additionally, the clasp seats, but needs a bit more force than I’d like to get it to click in properly. The Adexe logo on the clasp is a simple laser-engraving. Also worth noting, the holes for the springbars go all the way through the lugs, so you can see the tips of the springbars when looking from the outside of the lug. Meh.

On the Wrist

On the wrist, the Forseer looks fashionable and nice. The domed crystal gives it a unique look, and the stacked figure 8 dials lead to an aire of sophistication on the glance. The metal mesh strap has a bold look. Overall, this is a cool looking watch that goes with a ton of outfits, and is certainly “unisex”.

In daily use, the case is not quite as good. I’ve found that the very thin black hands aren’t different enough in width than the think black index markings, and lead to a somewhat confusing mishmash of think black lines pointed around the dial. It takes a second on glancing to make out the time. Additionally, although the GMT hand is an interesting complication, I really don’t think it’s functionally necessary. If this was turned into a 2nd timezone 24h hand, that would be much better. I find the crown is a bit small and basic, and really does nothing for the style of the watch. A chromed out, transparent, domed, or otherwise interesting crown would round out the look much better.

There’s no lume on the hands or light – but that’s fine in a watch like this.

Standout Features

The domed crystal is a great bit of interest on this piece. They’re becoming increasingly rare nowadays, and I appreciate the bit of intrigue that the warped reflections gives to the look of the watch. Additionally, the figure 8 dials certainly do look cool from a distance, and make a solid fashion statement from afar.

Finally, the metal mesh strap is a great look to round out this watch, and further add to the fashion statement quality.


Step up on the printing of the dial. The indexes are accurate and complete, but the quality of the ink on fine inspection just doesn’t hold up. Also, I really think the crown could be improved, and would enhance the overall look and style of the piece.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for a stylish, accessibly priced, quartz watch for everyday wear with a variety of outfits in an urban or office environment, go for it. If you’re looking for a hardened field watch, horological benchmark, or featured wrist computer, keep looking.

Pick up the Adexe Forseer for £119.00 at Adexe.



  • 100% Produced and Designed In-House
  • Classic Multifunction dial: Second
  • Case material: Hand-Polished All Stainless Steel
  • Case size: 41 mm diameter
  • Band Width: 20 mm
  • Glass: Curved Hardened Crystal
  • Straps: Hand-Made Mesh Band
  • Waterproof: 3 ATM
  • Movement: Japanese Seiko VD77
  • Battery: 2 – 3 years

ByJeffrey Donenfeld

Wrist Watch Review Writer Jeffrey Donenfeld lives in Colorado and reviews products at his website. An accomplished adventure traveler, antarctic expedition director, and rescue scuba diver, Jeffrey has tested and reviewed watches in a multitude of challenging environments. Jeffrey loves exploring design, construction, materials, and utility aspects of horology, and gets a kick out of both classics as well as fresh new ideas. He typically tests extensively watches he writes about, and provides readers with a real-world, practical take on diverse timepieces. In addition to writing about time, Jeffrey also works as a venture capital investment manager at a growing startup accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. In his free time he travels (70+ countries and counting), snowboards, rock climbs, runs, sails, scuba dives, and occasionally relaxes.