EDC-Star-WarsIn case you somehow missed it, the most recent Star Wars movie was released, and has been smashing all number of box office records.  Unofficially, it seems like it must be smashing records for merchandising as well, with Star Wars appearing on all sorts of things (even oranges, somehow).  While our friends at Everyday Carry have not fallen into the Sarlacc Pit of branded items, they do have a nice selection of items that lets you fly your Star Wars Flag, albeit under the radar.    Check out the full writeup here, and then decide if your gear will reflect the light side or the dark side.


While I myself would not figure on picking up an Apple Watch (and surely there must be Star Wars faces for that by this point), I think the pen, notebook, and flashlight recommendations they have are pretty nice.    On the watch front, if you want something a bit more analog (and don’t mind direct tie-ins), then the Nixon Star Wars collection might be for you.  everydaycarry.com

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Last Update: December 29, 2015