It was not all that long ago that we brought you a review of one of the more unique wallets I’ve experienced, the titanium Ridge Wallet (LINK).  A good wallet is a solid addition to your every day carry (EDC), of course.  Most folks will think about a flashlight and a knife for their EDC as well.  Well, Ridge hasn’t come up with a flashlight yet, but they did just announce a knife that is a perfect complement to their wallet – the Ridge Summit Knife.

In many ways, the Ridge Summit Knife carries the same profile as the Ridge Wallet.  You’ve got a rectangle (here, made of Grade 5 titanium) for a handle, and you’ve got the same semi-circular cutout.  On the wallet, that’s done to help you push the credit cards out.  Here, on the Ridge Summit Knife, it’s instead where the thumb stud exists to help you flip the blade out.  Here, the blade is made of D2 steel, and has what’s know as a drop point profile.  I won’t pretend to be super well-versed in the steel specs and profile, but it looks like pretty classic blade profile, and has a good sturdy look to it, as well as being a hefty enough blade to allow it to be sharpened over time without wearing away to nothing.

The Ridge Summit Knife weighs in at 5 oz, and has a blade length of 3.25” – so just be aware of your local knife laws when you determine whether or not you can legally carry this one.  Presuming you can, the Ridge Summit Knife is a looker.  I’d be curious as to how comfortable all those angles and straight lines are in the hand when using the knife, but I do really dig the symmetry, and just how well it matches to the Ridge Wallet.  Whether or not you’re pairing yours to a wallet from Ridge, you can pick up your own Ridge Summit Knife for $159 in either a black/silver combo, or a gunmetal/black.  These are not considered limited edition from the brand, and they’ve got about 2/3rds of their initial run currently on hand for your pocket carry.

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model:Ridge Summit Knife
  • Price: $159
  • Who’s it for?  You want something that looks different than the regular ol’ pocket knife
  • Would I carry it? Indeed I would
  • What I’d change: Well, of course I wouldn’t mind the “burnt” finish that we saw on the wallet!
  • The best thing about it:  It seems as capable as it is attractive

Tech Specs from Ridge

  • D2 steel blade
  • Grade 5 titanium handle
  • Multi-purpose drop point blade
  • Stainless steel hardware and clip
  • Backed by our 2-year warranty
  • Weight: 5 oz | 100 x 23 x 15 mm (closed)
  • Blade length: 85 mm (3.25 in)

Last Update: September 11, 2018