There seems to be no end to the number of interesting things that you can find out there on Kickstarter.  Sure, there’s a lot of cruft to sift through, but when you find those gems, there are some interesting things to be found.  Take, for instance, this project for a wallet.  Doesn’t sound too exciting, and we’ve seen that sort of thing before.  Well, how about a wallet that utilizes some of the “technical” materials that we see being used in performance gear?  That’s what the Pioneer Flyfold Wallet is going for.

So, about that fabric.  The Pioneer Flyfold Wallet is using a ripstop nylon (which we’ve seen before in a variety of products) but the way this one is woven is supposed to make it ten times stronger than steel.  Add in water resistance, construction that relies on heat welds (rather than stitches) and bar tacks to reinforce, and you’ve got yourself a wallet that looks to last for the long haul.

Some minimalist wallets will force you to compromise what it is you carry.  Others are a dramatic rethinking in how it’s configured, such as being more of a card carrier than a wallet.  Some folks are ok with that shift, others like the traditional feel.  Well, with the Pioneer Flyfold Wallet, you’ve got that old school billfold utility updated for today’s materials.

With the dimensions 205mm x 83mm (when opened), the Pioneer Flyfold Wallet is definitely a full-size wallet.  This means you can slip some bills in there with out having to fold them before putting them in just to be able to carry them.  With the oversized card pockets, the brand estimates you should be able to carry up to 10 cards as well.  Given the thinner material, this should still be relatively compact.  But, if you’re going to switch, you might as well do what you can to lighten your load, so to speak, and weed out stuff you don’t need to be carrying, in my opinion.

The Pioneer Flyfold Wallet is available on Kickstarter now, with pricing starting at $69.  The campaign closes out on October 4th, and as of this writing, stands at a 446% funding level.  That’s no guarantee, of course, but it does give one a warmer feeling that you’ll actually be seeing this wallet hit your pocket.  Let us know if you decide to pick one up (say, over in Slack), or even just let us know what your favorite gear is that you’ve seen on the crowdfunding sites.  project page

Tech Specs
  • Material:  10XD is a ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene blended into nylon ripstop.  This lends it a dirt and water repellence, along with being durable.
  • Water resistance:  with the material used, it’s sweatproof, waterproof, and machine washable
  • Construction:  Heat-welded construction removes seams that would fail; bar tacks are added to high-stress points
  • Break in:  under the 10XD material is a pliable core that will break in and mold to your cards
  • Minimalist style:  slim, but can still hold 10 cards and full length bills

Last Update: September 6, 2018

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