If you stop and think about it, watches really are an accessory. Yes, they are extremely useful accessories, but they are add-ons to what we wear, are they not? If we pull on that thread of reasoning, then, the topic of watches, and what watch you wear, is really an extension of what might be called Men’s Fashion, or Men’s Style. To that end, we here at WWR thought it would make sense to start taking a look at items from the world of Men’s style, hopefully in scenarios where it’s somehow related to the watch world. In this case, we had a perfect stop-off point for our first foray – Filson. They have been making watches with Shinola, which are largely an extension of the great product catalog they have built up. That means that, for our inaugural Men’s Style post, we will take a look at the Filson Short Cruiser, which we had in at the same time as the Filson Dutch Harbor.


Now, if you are at all familiar with the Filson brand, you know that they are famous for their tincloth jackets. We even saw that particular material pop up on the strap of the Filson Journeyman GMT. While that is indeed their most well-known fabric, there are other water-repellent options in their catalog. Gitaven springtime means looking for lighter layers that can offer some protection from rain, the dry finish cotton canvas of the Filson Short Cruiser lays claim to being your daily wear. I do not have a good way to quantify the weight of the jacket, but this is definitely not some flimsy windbreaker.


Rather, the Filson Short Cruiser really is an interpretation of the jean jacket (or trucker jacket, if you prefer) that we have likely owned at some point. Here, of course, the major upgrade is with the material, which offers up stain- and water-resistance due to the treatment. Given the jacket was on loan, I really did not put it to a heavy test, so we’ll take Filson’s word for it. The style of the Filson Short Cruiser is very traditional with regard to this category of jacket. It falls right at the waist (allowing for freedom of movement), and offers button adjustments on the waist to snug it up if so desired.


On the front of the Filson Short Cruiser, you have a variety of pockets, something I am always curious to explore on a coat. On the chest, you have a standard button flap pocket, plus an additional “open” pocket that is divided, which would seem to make it the perfect spot for tucking some pens, the arm of a pair of sunglasses, or even a (wrapped) jerky stick. Below those, you have some handwarmer pockets, which are also button-flap topped. The pockets worked adequately for tucking your hands in, but they were a bit shallow to put, say, a phone or wallet without fear of it dropping out. Yes, you could slip it into the button flap, but then you lose some quick access (unless you leave it unbuttoned).


Surprisingly – or at least surprising to me and my comparison to a jean jacket – there were no pockets on the inside of the Filson Short Cruiser. That is likely a design consideration, and helps keep the lines of the jacket slim. For me, that would be the perfect option though – a deep inner pocket (perhaps with a snap closure) that you can drop your phone into. Since that is not there, though, I would probably just end up with one of the lower flap pockets all-but-permanently unbuttoned to hold my phone at the ready.


For the time that I wore the jacket, I felt the Filson Short Cruiser (ours was a size Large) fit my 6’3″ frame perfectly, falling right at the waist and wrists. Speaking of wrists – if you find yourself wearing an overly large watch, you will probably be unbuttoning the sleeves, to get it fit properly. The color we were loaned of the jacket is labelled as Magnum Black, but it has more of a dark green feel to it, in my book. This made it fairly flexible for wearing into the office (unfortunately, we could not get our hands on the dark blue option). There is also a shade of brown available, so you have some options here. As a springtime layer, this is a solid jacket. Or, for that matter, this would be a solid coat for use when you go camping – it feels durable enough to put up with spending time out in the woods, yet light enough that it’s a suitable layer (with or without another layer underneath it, like a hoodie).


If you are more used to the canvas coats you can pick up at your local department store, the $198 price tag of the Filson Short Cruiser might come as a bit of sticker shock. From my impressions of the weight of the cloth and the durable construction (solid stitching, rivets, and heavy duty buttons), it really does not feel that out the ballpark for what you are getting. And, frankly, when you consider the legendary reputation of Filson, a coat like the Filson Short Cruiser is one that is likely to hang in your closet for a good long time. Which makes the classic trucker-style of it all the more important. There may be trendier or flashier designs out there, but something like the cut of the Filson Short Cruiser is timeless, keeping you in style year after year.


With that, we’ll wrap up our look at the Filson Short Cruiser, as well as our initial foray into the world of Men’s Style. Be sure to sound off in the comments, or drop us a line and let us know what you think of this category? Something of interest to you, or not? Is there another brand or type of item you would like us to take a look at? Be sure to let us know, because we want to keep you, our readers, looking good, and building a wardrobe worthy of the watches you’re collecting.


Jacket Overview

  • Brand & Model: Filson Short Cruiser
  • Price: $198, with the lined version going for $325
  • Who we think it might be for: You want the utility and durability of a denim jacket, but in a material that is, well, not denim
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?: If it had inside pockets, it would be a slam dunk. As it is, I would be on the fence with this one
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: If it wasn’t obvious, I’m hankering for an internal pocket
  • What spoke to me the most about this jacket: The great fit and timeless style

Features (aka Tech Specs) from Filson

  • Button-front closure
  • 3 flap pockets, 1 slotted utility pocket, 2 handwarmer pockets
  • Button-adjustable cuffs
  • 12.8oz Water- and stain-repellent dry finish fabric
  • Adjustable waist tabs for custom fit
  • Underarm grommets for ventilation