Yes, that’s right, we’re going to talk about a clock today. Yes, we’re still Wrist Watch Review, but this clock has something a bit different than I’ve seen before. And, given that watches came from clocks, I think we’ll let this one slip in today.

The clock is known simply as the Wedding Anniversary Clock, by Mr. Jones out of London. As you might guess by the name (and the pictures), this clock counts down the day to your wedding anniversary – handy if you have trouble remembering the day, I suppose? It also offers another interesting sub-display, in that it shows the traditional gift (say, paper or gold) that is associated with the year of the anniversary.


The clock itself has a fairly clean style – just a tall, white rectangle with black hands, indices, and printing on the various flip displays. While there’s no mention of it specifically, this will be a quartz movement, and is battery powered. Pricing for the clock is around $125. While it’s expensive compared to the digital clock you might pick up from the local store, it does present some functionality you don’t normally see. While I don’t think there’d be a spot for the clock in my house, this could be a clever wedding gift if you’re looking for ideas.  Oh, and if you want something more general, they do have a more generic “countdown” watch heremrjoneswatches.com


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Last Update: September 17, 2013