Well, then, our pals over at Watchismo have just the watch for you – one that looks like it was ripped out of an arcade machine, and slapped right onto your wrist.


The Click Arcade watch has one very prominent feature – mounted into the case is a button that looks just like one you’d see in any manner of arcade machines. Here, though, when you press the button, you get the time displayed (via red LEDs) rather than forcing some pixels to jump around on the screen. This is all housed in a 45mm case that’s all manner of glossy (can’t tell if it’s a fingerprint magnet for sure, but it may be), and is mounted on a color-matched silicone strap (aka lint magnet).


Given the simple display mechanism, it shouldn’t be any surprise that functionality is limited to displaying the time (in 12 or 24 hour format), and the date. And that’s just as well – I can’t imagine you’d want to be fiddling with settings on much of anything with the display.


While it might be easy to dismiss a watch like this, I think it’s got something going for it, a sort of retro-nostalgia, if you will, between the arcade button theme and the glowing red LED display of watches of yore (I actually had a Fossil back in the early 2000s with a similar display, so I know they can be fun to have). And, at a price of $60, this would be an easy one to pick up almost on a whim, either for yourself or a quick gift for someone who’s a fan of pinball or video games.



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