Product Page [Oceanus]

Product Page [Oceanus]

5 thoughts on “Any Opinions on Oceanus?”
  1. I checked out ewatches and a Tourneau’s site and they both say a lot of good things about them. I’d like one but the price of $400 dollars is a bit suffocating.

  2. Hey! much obliged to the host for checking out this company. Seriously, they are being heavily advertised in NYC’s transit system lately. Huge billboards and side-of-the–bus advertisements.

    What I am still keen on understanding is this: what is the host’s criteria for judging a watch? Like, I know how to judge a good beer. I know what makes a car a lemon. I can tell what is good poetry and bad music. How does one grade the inside of a timepiece?

    For example: is ‘mechanical’ inherently “better”? Why? Is there any way we can learn more about watch engineering, so as to be better able to see through advertising hype?

  3. p.s. I also see a lot of watches being hawked from the ShopNBC channel (when I am channel-surfing). Perhaps you can take a glance at their website sometime. “Invicta” and “Croton” brands are ones I havent seen reviewed here yet, but they’re touting them heavily. I’d like to know more about them. The prices are usually $1400! But they don’t look as good as many of the watches on WWR.

    BTW, when discussing watches, does the term “analog” mean the exact same thing as “mechanical”?

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