I had strayed from the quartz digital path in the last few years thanks to my obsession with mechanicals, but I’ve always thought I’d like to return to the fold. Last week I received two Casio watches, a Pathfinder and a G-Shock, and I am happy to say that I’m pleasantly surprised.

Now I know you all like your ETAs and Big Bangs, but a watch like the G-Shock G7500-1V is pretty sassy little number that can help road warriors stay awake on the red-eye and might survive a nasty turn at the baggage claim.

The feature-set is pretty compelling for a traveller: databank which can hold 30 “memos” including telephone numbers, a world-time feature, and three alarms. Plus, the G7500 has a vibrating alarm, which is really a nice treat. Did it wake me up this morning? No. But it’s cool.

The vibrating alarm is kind of like a low-powered cellphone vibration. It’s not sufficient to rouse one out of a deep sleep but it’s definitely great for meetings. The other features on this stock 2943 movement are standard – countdown timer, chronograph, and EL backlight – and are all controlled by an Adjust button at 10 o’clock. The G at the bottom activates the backlight and the Mode button at 7 o’clock switches to from feature to feature.

That’s all well and good. This is the age of wrist computers and this is no exception. It’s very easy to use, intuitive even without a manual, and quite clearly useful little watch. Now, on to styling.

As we all know, the G-Shock line is supposed to look like Voltron in his zygote stage. This watch is no exception. The lines are sharp and stark and the long band will fit anyone – from the wrist of the most mewling sissy to my Dad, who literally has a 8-inch wrist.

This particular model has a black and red color scheme and doesn’t go well with a three-piece suit and Prada shoes. However, as we’ve seen, the idea of “accessorizing” watches hasn’t really taken off with Americans and Timex and Casio digitals, it seems, is the watch of choice for politicians attempting to mix with the proletariat.

On the whole, this is a nice $70 weekend traveling watch, although a nice steel diver and a dress watch should also end up in the overnight bag.

Quality: 3/5
Style: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

– John Biggs

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Casio Men's Watch # G7500-1V

ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

6 thoughts on “Review – Casio G-Shock G7500-1V”
  1. As much as I love these kinds of technical watches, none seem to have all of the features I desire. Like, this watch has everything, but I love atomic timekeeping and solar powered watches. Other G-shocks have those features, but leave out things like the countdown timer or vibration alarm. I guess we’ll have to wait a few years until we can get a true full package watch.

    Anyway, nice review. G-shocks all the way!

  2. casio GW-002E-1VER is a superb little number,it has countdown and all,no vibration ,but who needs that!
    002E Everytime for me,Its solar ant atomic,LOVE-IT !!!!

  3. It’s time to buy a new watch my Casio Databank died. I’m debating between this G-shock and a Timex USB data-link. Are there any reviews for it.
    I heard the original data-link wasnt all that great with the blinking screen thing.

  4. this is available in my country, and i love it . im going to buy a Gshock this month but i wont go for this because i m obsessed with the Mudman G9000 ! A real son of a gun . and has better useful features than this ( Forget the vibration and the telememo witch i can manage better using my pda)

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