While I can’t say that I find yellow gold tones particularly to my liking, for watches, I do have to applaud the move by Baltic to take three of their designs, wrap them up in classic yellow gold and black, and then put them out to the world. It does fit the vintage vibe of these models, and we’ll give you a quick rundown of what you can expect.

Baltic MR01

This is going to be one of the more compact watches you’ll find out there, coming in at 36mm. It’s also going to be fairly thin (just 9.9mm), given the fact that it’s got a quite-lovely micro-rotor automatic movement tucked away inside.

Baltic Bicompax 002

This one is a slight step up in case size, coming in at 38mm – which is still going to be quite wearable. Between the dial, case profile, pusher style, and the color scheme, this one feels like it fell out of the 1940s, and differentiates itself from the 001 version. This movement is manually wound (which helps keep the thickness to 13mm), and should deliver a 42-hour power reserve.

Baltic HMS 002

This one also offers a 38mm case, and in many ways presents as the three-hander version of the Bicompax. And realistically, that’s how you should view it. The dial is much the same (sans the subdials for the chrongraphs), and the case follows the same lines as well. Case thickness is the same as well (13mm), which allows for it to house an automatic movement with a 60-hour power reserve.

Getting yours

Pricing (excluding taxes) for these new versions are as follows:

Those prices are all on the stock Saffiano strap. Deliveries of the MR01 and Bicompax 002 should have begun at this point, while the HMS 002 will deliver by the end of January 2024. Check them all out over at baltic-watches.com

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