The Biohazard watch uses an advanced color LCD display to simulate the effect you might see on Mr Spocks tri-corder or in many Science Fiction films. The readout, in fact, tells the time by counting the colored segments.

A press of the button sends the watch into scan mode and the various panels & readouts animate as if scanning the area for life forms. After a few seconds the results display the time, but the animation sequence can be skipped if desired with a second press of the button.

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  1. heh. no way. John the host barely has enough to manage his own blog let alone TWO of them. . .

    anyway, WWR adminz–hey–I wanna know how I can send you pictures of the watches I photographed on my trip to the backstreets of hong kong. . . clue?

  2. When I try the Tokyoflash website on the link above I get a restricted version f thesite – just show 1 page of media stuff…. Are there restictions on this brand in certain regions?

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