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For Your Consideration: Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade


It’s been some time since we’ve had Arnold & Son on our pages, but it’s safe to say that all of their creations are firmly in the “For Your Consideration” category. Their latest – the Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Jade – ups their horology game with the use of some semi-precious materials.

Arnold & Son isn’t playing with this lovely Luna Magna watch

If you’ve got a few spare supercars to sell, you might want to pick up the Arnold & Son Luna Magna. This watch features a three-dimensional moon that shows you the current phase in a case that is paved with blue sapphires and diamonds. They’ve only made eight of these things, so you’d better get down to your AD ASAP if you want to pick one up.

Introducing: Arnold & Son Globetrotter Gold


I am indeed of a watch that let’s me track a second timezone, be it via a GMT complication or world timer stuff. Though, largely, I tend to prefer that in a sportier look that fits into both every day and dressier wear should the occasion call for it (as a good traveling watch should do). Sometimes, though, you just need to stop and admire something that’s done in a much more artistic take, and that’s what the Arnold & Son Globetrotter Gold is.

The Arnold & Son Nebula 38 is a stone cold stunner


Arnold & Son occupies a sort of rarified air in my own headspace when it comes to categorizing watches. It’s definitely, firmly, in the world of luxury watches, but feels like one that is also firmly out of my own budget – and will remain so. And I’m not complaining – I’m just pointing out that internal stratification I have. That said, I still just really dig seeing what they’re doing. And while I tend to not go for a skeletonized watch that much, the Arnold & Son Nebula 38 really has got it going on.

Stars in your eyes – and on your wrist – with the Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Aventurine

As you know, we tend to focus on watches firmly in the affordable realm, which often times could be classified as sub-$1000 watches.  We do, of course, go afield from that now and again, and consider those to be more aspirational.  Then we come to something like the Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Aventurine, and we’re reaching into the realm of grail (or lottery winning) watches.

Sweet Georgia Brown! It’s the Arnold & Son Globetrotter

Over the past few years, I’ve been paying attention to what Arnold & Son have been creating.  The pieces they’ve announced are generally well-sorted, and there have been some rather interesting technical bits of uniqueness as well.  While I would not have minded going hands-on with any of them, there haven’t been any that I really felt I wanted to, other than the Time Pyramid.  Well, I’ve got another one to add to the list, the just-announced Arnold & Son Globetrotter.

The one-of-a-kind Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art HM Falcon

Reading through the press materials on this one-of-a-kind piece, I couldn’t figure out why Arnold & Son was producing this mother-of-pearl/falcon dial. Aside from Arnold & Son’s long history of royal clockmaking, there isn’t any strong connection between the watchmaker and the noble pastime of falconry. They have made other hand-painted Métiers d’Art pieces over the years that celebrate the sea-going history of the company as a pioneer in marine navigation, which makes sense. But here, I was stumped.

Matt’s Picks For The WWR Top Watches of 2015

Our goal, for the time being at least, is to publish one article per day here at WWR.  Discounting the weekend posts, that means we cover on the order of 250 watches per year.  Since we don’t cover every new watch we see, I would estimate that we see (collectively) well over 500 new watches a year, and that number is probably closer to 1,000; after all, we read a number of the other watch blogs as well.  So this gives us a pretty good pool of watches from which to develop favorites.  And that is what this post is all about, our picks for the WWR Top Watches of 2015.  This post will cover my picks for the best watches that we have featured on this site, and Patrick and Ken will also chime in with lists of their own.

Introducing the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Guilloché


I like to think of WWR as the home for affordable wrist watches, with occasional forays into the higher end pieces. Those forays are generally due to something rather unique and interesting coming up, and the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Guilloché certainly falls into that category. Working with interesting displays of movements on the dial is nothing new for the brand, and this latest iteration of the Time Pyramid ups the game in terms of finishing.