Arnold & Son has released a special perpetual moon calendar watch in time for the Year of the Rabbit. The $62,000 watch comes in a limited edition of eight timepieces and features a lovely moon waxing and waning above an engraved water rabbit, the moon’s best buddy.

I mean this thing is nice. It even has some nice lume although, ironically, the hands aren’t painted.

From the release:

The year of the Water Rabbit has inspired a new artistic version of the Perpetual Moon. Arnold & Son has sculpted the animal in a calm yet watchful pose. It sits majestically against a backdrop of black aventurine, beneath a great mother-of-pearl moon. In Chinese Zodiac iconography, the water rabbit is the moon’s loyal companion. The sophistication of this dial, showcasing the artistic crafts, demonstrates Arnold & Son’s expertise. In addition to its fine watchmaking movement complete with a large astronomic moon, the timepiece also displays masterful aesthetics. The Perpetual Moon “Year of the Rabbit” timepiece is at once powerfully symbolic, sophisticated and full of meaning.

The watch runs a A&S1512 mechanical movement – hand wound – and the face is aventurine glass. The rabbit himself is “18-carat rose gold (4N), hand-engraved and hand-burnished finishes.” The dial is also painted in gold flake.

“The rabbit remains the dial’s key element. Sculpted in three dimensions, it is crafted from 18-carat rose gold. Its expression, its pose and the details of its fur are hand-engraved and -burnished to add depth and nuance. This painstaking work is worthy of the exceptional attention Arnold & Son has always paid to its limited series created in tribute to the Chinese Zodiac,” write the creators.

Look: if you’re totally into the Year of the Rabbit you could probably pick something cheaper, like a calendar, to commemorate your obsession. That said, if you have the wherewithal to spend 70 large on a watch with a rabbit on it, you do you. It’s a lovely, whimsical piece from a storied brand and I’m here for it. Just be glad they didn’t make it an erotic watch.

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