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Time To Vote On Our April Giveaway!



You really took a shine to our twist on the giveaway this month, with some rather inventive entries coming in.  There were several we weren’t quite sure how the reader would actually execute on the suggested shot, but nevertheless, we narrowed down the field with input from our friends over at Gavox, and now we’ve got our final contenders.

The WWR February Giveaway: a Manchester Watch Works Trench Watch


We first brought you word of the Manchester Watch Works Vergennes and Westminster Trench watches back in September 2015, and then later in that same month brought you a hands-on review of the Manchester Watch Works Vergennes.  Production has been humming along, and now we have a giveaway for you.

The September 2017 WWR Giveaway: a Davosa Ternos


Summer is just about wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean that we’re done giving away watches.  No, to the contrary, dear reader!  This month, we’ve got a rather tidy Submariner homage for you from our friends over at Davosa.

The WWR March Giveaway: a Thomas Earnshaw Grand Calendar

Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar10The folks at Thomas Earnshaw have been nice enough to supply us with a few watches for reviews over the years, and for the WWR March Giveaway, I am going to pass on one of my review watches to you, our dear readers.  I looked at the Thomas Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar almost a year ago, and thought it was a nice dress watch for the price.  The watch has a lot going on, but it is still readable.

The November 2017 WWR Giveaway – a surplus of straps!


As should be no surprise, we here at WWR are big, big fans of watches.  But you know what we like almost as much?  Watch straps.  There is quite a variety out there when it comes to materials, colors, and even pricing.  Want a two piece made from moose leather?  You can find it.  Want something made from an old baseball glove?  You can find it.  Just need a cheap one-piece nylon one for the summer?  You can get it.  In fact, this month’s sponsor, CheapestNatoStraps, certainly can cover that last category.  However, that’s not all they’ve got going in their catalog.

The August 2015 Giveaway: Titan Edge



Whatever watch it is that we bring in for review, we always make sure to run down the “hard specs” on a watch.  This includes the physical dimensions of the watch, as well as its weight.  For our August 2015 Giveaway, we will be giving away the lightest (at 36g) and thinnest watch (< 4mm) watch I have ever reviewed – the Titan Edge.

The December 2017 WWR Giveaway – an Auguste Reymond Cotton Club Q Orbital Moon

Hey, so you know how we like to bring you word of brands we (and, most likely, you) haven’t heard of before, right?  And you know how we like to hook you up with cool watches and accessories each month, yeah?  Well, today, we’re able to combine both of those things in one, with our newest giveaway for a Auguste Reymond Cotton Club Q Orbital Moon.

The May 2019 WWR Giveaway: a Jon Oscar Vanguard


So, remember how we brought you word of a new brand doing interesting things with a circle motif? If not, we’ll wait for you to read the review (right on over here). Ok, everyone back? Well, if you’re intrigued by this affordable, dressy flat sphere, read on, because this month is your lucky month.

The December 2015 Giveaway: Benrus Sky Chief



Back in September, we covered a few new models, the Infantry and H6, from newly resurrected brand Benrus. Of course, for those who are familiar with that brand from their original incarnation, there is one watch in particular that stands out in most people’s minds – the Benrus Sky Chief. Just the name itself holds a certain cachet from days gone by. These days, there is a new version, and this month you have your chance to win one.

The February 2019 WWR Giveaway: a Squarestreet SQ39 Novem

This month, we’ve got a great new watch for you to have a chance at winning – the Squarestreet SQ39 Novem.  This is a watch that, at the end of last year, managed to become a fully-funded Kickstarter project in just under 5 hours.  Suffice to say, it was a popular watch.