It’s been a long time – a very long time – since we’ve brought you a giveaway. Well, we’re quite pleased to bring you another one, this time courtesy of our friends over at Szanto Watches.

This month, you’ve got a chance to win the very Szanto Heritage Aviator Small Seconds that we reviewed back in January. As with our prior giveaways, this one is easy-peasy to enter:

  1. Comment below what your favorite small-seconds watch design is
  2. Head on over to the giveaway widget to complete your entry

Of note, both steps are required, and the giveaway is limited to North America due to shipping costs. Our thanks again to Szanto for sponsoring the giveaway.

Good luck!

ByPatrick Kansa

A big data developer and leader with a penchant for gadgets, books, watches and beverages. You can find my work on WristWatchReview, Knapsack.News, and Slushpile. If you're on Twitter and/or Instagram, you'll find me there as @PatrickWatches.

18 thoughts on “The March 2021 WWR Giveaway: Szanto Heritage Aviator Small Seconds”
  1. Does my Avi 8 Ace of spades count? It has a cool sub second dial, numbers move instead of hands.

  2. I love all small seconds! Vaguely military looking with a contrasting subdial is my favorite

  3. 25ish years ago, I received a Nomos small second watch as a birthday present from my folks. That on is my favorite.

  4. Has to be the Breguet Classique – enamel face with sunken small-seconds dial, stunning design and craftsmanship.

  5. I love the classy Breguet Classique 7147BB/29/9WU but of course Patek Phillipe makes beautiful ones as well.

  6. The clean lines of the Patek Philippe 5196G Calatrava Small Second appeals to me.

  7. Wow, a beautifully designed Classic Aviator. Bold hand on a nice clear easy to read face. The lume is nice and clear.

    The amazing part is they didn’t skimp on the band. Quality leather, pins and even the clasp looks like it would last a lifetime.

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