Christopher Ward Trident COSC 02

Christopher Ward Trident Quartz 01

Christopher Ward Trident Pro 01

There are 6 color combinations for the Pro: the black bezel is offered with either a black or white dial, the blue bezel comes with a blue dial, and the green and red bezels are offered with a black dial.  Missing from the options on the automatics is the orange bezel, which was always my favorite.  I assume that producing an orange ceramic is an issue, and hope this color will be offered in the future.  There are four different strap options, each at $825, and the watch on the stainless bracelet is $915.

Christopher Ward Trident GMT 01

Christopher Ward Trident COSC 01

12 thoughts on “Christopher Ward Trident Collection, A Four Pronged Update”
  1. I can’t help but wonder if CH Ward is pricing themselves away from their customer base with this update…

  2. Your review seems to indicate that the new quartz version of the Trident does not come with SuperLuminova SLN-T-C1. However, the Christopher Ward website shows that it does. Can you clarify?

    Thanks, Paul

    1. I see where your confusion come from. On the product page for the quartz watches, the higher SuperLuminova is specified. However, in the description of the watch changes on the home page, is states “The new baton style indexes of the mechanical versions are deep filled with SuperLuminova SLN-T-C1…” ( If you are interested in the purchasing the quartz watch, I suggest you reach out to the brand and ask this question. I will ask my contact, but I do not know who will get a faster response.”

  3. Thanks for your response. I did email Wera at the company and she said that he quartz watch had the new SuperLuminova. I hope she means on the hands as well as the indices .

    Please let me know if you hear something different from your contact.

    1. I received the same reply. All the Tridents, including the quartz versions, use the deep filled new SuperLuminova indexes and handsets. I updated the text above to reflect the new information. Thanks for pointing this out. CW is going to change the contradictory information on their web site as well.

  4. Just completed an in-depth review of the new Christopher Ward C60 Pro 600, lots of pictures and details about the upgrades and changes from the previous version and a section on the influences. Would appreciate any feedback!

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