The end of the year has been a pretty busy one for me in my day job, so I have not been able to track crowd funded projects as closely as I normally do, nor as closely as I like.  As a result, a number of watch projects have slipped by me.  For the watches projects that are still active, I was able to write up the Helgray Silverstone, which had monster support; the Tempest One Forged Carbon Watch, which I really like; the Astoncain, a project that still has a shot;  and the Ferro One Hander, the project I am most likely to back right now.  So if you did not get a watch for the holidays, consider supporting one of these projects, or the projects I am highlighting below in my crowd funding wrap-up for 2014.

SWAE Veteran II

NDRO Watches Dorge

Erroyl E30

Uhuru Impi Automatic

If you have a watch project out there now, and I did not get a chance to feature it on our site, I apologize for the missed opportunity.  If you have a project you like and we have not yet featured it, or if you are putting together a project, reach out to us and we may be able to get your project on our pages.

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