Bela Lugosi may be dead but I suspect he would rise from the grave to try on the Sternglas Bauhaus. This unique little timepiece, based on a minimalist bauhaus design, is a nice little piece of daily wear watchitude at a price that won’t cause the children of the night to howl.

The basic model with leather band is about $220 and contains a simple Ronda Caliber 714 movement. The glass is rounded and the case is highly chromed and very understated. All-in-all, you get a lozenge of time-telling power that, while not rough and rugged, would look good in a design studio or behind the wheel of a late model European car. It’s unisex so you our your loved one can wear it while warding off mummies and vampires.

The company started out as a Kickstarter watch and has now branched out into automatic movements for their $400 automatic line. Both watches are also available on a Milanese metal strap. The automatic has a sweep second hand.

Ultimately a low-cost piece like this is a fashion choice. Are you looking for something that will last a few years, look good on the wrist as it ages, and be completely pervious to the elements or do you want something with a little more strength. If you’re looking for an elegant, understated timepiece you couldn’t do much better than the Bauhaus and, barring any virginal brides filing past your tomb and swiping it from your wrist, it could be a solid keeper.

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Last Update: May 24, 2018

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