Yesterday, we started our exclusive review of the Tool Watch from Berkbinder & Brown, and today, we’ll wrap things up for you.

I wore the watch in a variety of settings, and it worked quite well, whether I was wearing jeans or a suit (as shown up top).  At 13mm, this is not exactly a thin watch – but I didn’t run into any issues fitting it under a shirt cuff.  Though, you may not want to hide it away under your sleeves.  Quite honestly, this watch got the most compliments from friends and co-workers of anything I’ve reviewed as of late.

The offset screw-down crown (at 4 o’clock) also helped greatly with the ease of wear.  Had it been at 3 o’clock, you would undoubtedly have issues with it digging into your wrist, given the size of the case.

When it comes to the dial, it was extremely legible and easy to read – whether in full light or when relying on the lume to tell time.  You have the rail-road track around the dial to help track the seconds (if so inclined), and you also have the date display at 4 o’clock as well.  Here I’m split.  Since it’s replace the number 4, the white background on the date keeps it inline with the other numerals.  On the other hand, a black background would help it blend into the dial better.

Past all that, the dial is simplicity – you’ve got the numerals, the model designation (T46), and the company logo (which stands for Berkbinder & Brown Iron Works).  I think this underscores the underlying aesthetic for the watch, as I see it.  It’s very functional and rugged, yet there’s still a great sense of style to it.

Is this the watch for you?  At $1,495 for the bronze version ($1,195 for stainless steel), that’s something you do need to give some thought to.  For me, the bronze case and the styling just clicked, and I really enjoyed the time I had to wear it.  I also like the fact that the case develops a patina as you wear it, customizing it to yourself.  Of course, if you still want some sheen, a polishing cloth is included in what you receive.

In the end, though, I can’t help but to recommend this watch to anyone who’s looking for an American-designed and -made timepiece.  Sure, it’s not exactly in the “affordable” category, but with it’s ruggedness and Swiss movement, this is a watch that should last you for many years.  And on top of that, you’ll have a watch that looks like nothing else you’re likely to run into – and that is something that’s hard to put a price on, now isn’t it?

ByPatrick Kansa

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