I’m not the only one who recalls playing (or watching others play) rudimentary video games that had you flying through some nutty tunnel that looked like a bunch of lined up neon tubes, right?  Well, if you do, you’ll immediately understand the reference in TokyoFlash’s latest watch.

Not too surpisingly, the watch is called the Space Digits, and tells you both the time and the date in that tunnel outlined on the dial.  Now, I don’t know if I’m just getting better at reading their watches, or this is legitimately one of the easiest ones (of theirs) to read.  Either way, I picked up right away on the layout, as demonstrated here:

This always-on LCD display comes in one of two colors – gold or a greenish blue, and is housed in a stainless steel case that has a brushed finish in one of three colors of it’s own – black, gold or silver.  The bracelet seems to be along the lines of their “standard” adjustable link with deployant clasp.

As far as other functions, you’ve got an alarm built in, as well as an EL Backlight (I’ve got to think this watch must look a bit trippy at night with the backlight), all powered by an easily-replaceable CR2025 battery.

So, who’s this watch for?  While I get the reference, it’s not for me.  I think it’s best suited for someone who just really loves the 80s, or has a Tron poster up in their home theater.  That aside, if you want to pick one up, you should move quickly – for a little while longer, you can pick one up (here) for an introductory price of $99; regular MSRP will be $129.

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Last Update: December 5, 2012