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It’s not often that you hear of a ten-year anniversary being celebrated for a watch, but that’s exactly what Franck Muller is doing with the Crazy Watch.  And, yes, this is one crazy watch – and one I think is worthy of the milestone being noted.

You can tell that by even a casual glance at the dial – the numbers are all out of order.  Rather than just being a design change, this is actually a functional change to the watch.  The movement inside employs a jumping hour complication, meaning that the hour hand does indeed point to the correct numeral, moving in the odd pattern shown on the dial.  Of note, the minute hand moves just as we’d expect.

Franck muller crazy hours 02

I must admit, I’m intrigued by the jumping hour function being employed in this manner, even if it does mean this is not a watch you’ll be reading at a glance (or at least, I don’t imagine one would be).  Then again, not many of us would be worrying about that – with only 74 pieces of each  example (rose gold or white gold) being produced, I imagine pricing will be on the higher side.  Should you be on the lookout for one, though, pay attention to the 10 – it’s set with diamonds on the anniversary edition.

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Last Update: August 21, 2013